The box store- Steve's Ktown


Tried the search but it doesn’t seem to be working, my firefox kept trying to download search.php.
Anyway, two questions about the box store in Ktown.

  1. Are they still in business?
  2. If so, where are they located?


It’s still open. However it’s much more difficult to find and get to because of construction on the MRT. If your heading south on Jung San when you get to the Jung Jeng roundabout (at least it was a roundabout before the construction) there is a small street that you need to turn right on before you actually cross Jung Jeng. The Box Store is maybe five or six stores/houses down that little street on your left. If the roundabout is closed off take a right at Jung Jeng then take another right at the first stoplight (not the stoplight that has been added so construction trucks can go in and out but the next one that actually takes you down a small street). I believe as you go down that small street you will cross one alley then you’ll need to turn right at the second ally. It will be on your right just before you get back to Jung San. The sign reads ABC foods.


Thanks, I’ll check it out.


It’s now 2019, time flies. Is the BOX Store Still in business. Since the family came along and we have the car, we’ve seldom been to that area of town.
Before the big stores came, the box store was the only source to get foreign products. I only would go occasionally, but when I did go, the owner seemed to be hitting the “sauce” quite a lot. I would do my best to avoid conversation. I believe his wife also worked there.
The only other thing I can recall is the store used have rooms for rent and I think there was a fire there once. Any more info about the place or its history?