The Brass Monkey (166 Fuxing North Road)

Has anyone been to “The Brass Monkey” near Nanjing East Road station? Spacious. Music is Good. Big screen for sports watching. The price for food is fair. Great pizza :laughing:

The Brass Monkey is located at 166 Fuxing North Road, just north of Nanjing Road, in the spot that was previously occupied by Buca Buca.

Brass Monkey have great happy hours prices plus no service charge. All the staff are very friendly. Mind you it seems to be full of those " Old white foreigners" or maybe that’s the point… :wink:

I went there last week. Nice pizza, friendly service. I believe the guy who runs it is Australian & came here originally with the High Speed rail. It was pretty quiet when I was in (mid week early evening) , but I understand it gets busy at the weekends. They have a website & will e mail you with their upcoming events.

Watched the basketball game last week. It was nice. Guiness on tap. I am sad that I will have to find another place to get a good martini.

My friend said they have the Hockey playoffs showing on the big screen!

A real treat for Canadians and hockey fans in Taipei!

You gotta let me know if this is true… It’s been 4 years since I’ve seen a hockey game. I don’t see how NHL playoffs would take precedent over a football game, just 'cuz the numbers that would show up for that and rugby would surely be larger than the few hockey fans out there. But perhaps there are more than I am aware of.

Hey Akosh, you can get the Brass Monkey to email you the monthly schedule of sports to be shown on the big screen TV. Just cirlce the ones with Hockey on them and show up. :sunglasses:

phone: 02-2547-5050
fax: 02-2719-7910

I will see if my friend has their email address.

In what way is this place different from when it was Buca Buca?

Thanks, sticks… was there the last night but the game didn’t come on as planned. Will try for tonight.

Wolf. Buca Buca was a restaurant/entertainment Bar. As far as I can tell, Brass Monkey is a Sports bar. Meaning, unless you were there specifically to watch some sporting event, there would be no other reason to be there, as the food isn’t particulary good, and anytime they do play music it sucks. That being said, it’s a good place to watch a game as it’s pretty big and can accomadate more people comfortably than say, The Tavern.

That’s a bit harsh, isn’t it? :? The place has only just opened, so I’m happy to give them a while to show they’re better than and different to, say, The Tavern.

Look at it this way, the staff are super-friendly, there’s no service charge, and the place is big enough for them to split their sports coverage to different areas. It also means they could accommodate a DJ if they wanted to, while not disturbing all the (sports-minded) patrons.

As for the food, I’m sure the menu will improve over time. While it’s not as good as The Tavern’s, I’d have to say the latter has really gone downhill over the past year…

Babou :wink:

I give a big thumbs up for the The Brass Monkey. I have spent several a nice leisureley night there watching the sports on the big screen which is quite nice. Also, big enough place that you can spread out and not be in everbody’s way and have a good view of the action. The staff are all super friendly and the service very good and prompt. Never have to ask twice to get your drink refilled either as they are usually poring me another one as I am downing the last mouthful… :smiley:

I have asked about getting some harder rock playing in there (I offerred to bring in my Metallica CD’s), but it is nice to be in a place that has music that is different from every other place. They also have pool, darts, and a foosball table, and all are free. The sports is great. I have seen rugby, cricket, soccer, hockey, basketball, and formula one, and have talked to them about having American football as well, especially some of the college action.

I do agree about the food, not the greatest, but they have just started up. Wednesday’s are pizza night, so personal size pizzas are all 100NT. Also, they have both Guinness and Boddingtons on tap which is very nice. I am a big Boddington’s fan so getting to have a nice cold one while watching the rugby is quite nice.

You don’t have to be dressed up to go there either as it is a very laid back place. I have also met some cool folks on several occasions, both foreign and local. One night I got adopted by a group of Germans and had a lot of fun, and one night I was given the complete lecture on Thailand, all written on napkins that included what airline to fly, where to stay, where to get your suits made, and where to go party.

Hope to see you all in there soon, just look for the guy drinking Boddingtons like its going out of style. :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, didn’t mean to come off that harsh at all. I was just saying that as far as I was concerned it was strictly a place to watch sports. I was saying that it already is a better place to watch a game than The Tavern – way more room. I agree with Fei, the staff there is really nice, and they have Guniess and also some beers from B.C., as well. not that that means much, but an added choice noneheless. I maintain that the music they play, sucks. If you’re blasting Britney Spears out on to the street, you gotta be prepared for people to make that comment.

Do you mean BC as in British Columbia? If so what do they have? Granville Island?

Mucha Man,

If i remember correctly they do have Granville as well as two other beers from British Columbia.


If you want to get copied on the weekly Brass Monkey newsletter with upcoming events and games send a note to the following email:

Don’t eat the Tuna and Pasta there unless you like the pasta straight from the can, chunky and oily

Don’t eat the burgers there unless you like 80% ??? and 20% road kill… of course after a couple of beers… you will eat anything

On three occasions they charged me incorrectly (overcharged me)… twice it was the little girls wearing the platfroms … and another time it was another girl

When I was there one night the bar staff were running around the place with people’s change and orders… makes the staff look unprofessinal

Saying it is better than the Tavern isn’t saying much really…

Then I always like to go to the Tavern to here that fat fuck and watch the pillar as I listen to the game

Still they have the pool table… its spacious… you never end up standing in a thoroughfare… the beers alright… the staff are friendly…

I wish though they would work on the food

Fully agree on the food. I had a nasty meal there, and so did my friend. But, we were hungry a little later and ordered some chips and salsa…the salsa’s fab!

I like the place. Spacious. Attentive service. Yummy beer. I did notice, being a gal, that our gender was practically non-existent. If this doesn’t change it could be bad for business down the road. Maybe not…perhaps the boys are there for the sports, not the shorts.

Until the food improves I’ll make sure I eat beforehand. Other then that, thumbs up!

I was there with Okami last week. Give it a thumbs up for beer and service. Pricing is reasonable. Atmosphere is relaxed; plenty of space. Unfavorable ratio of male to female patrons, if you are looking for female friends, but if you’re there just to chill out, that won’t matter.

The chicken sandwich I ordered was very good.

Just another meat market with nothing original…thats it, theres nothing else to it.

When did you go?