The Butthurt News: A meltdown.


They gave up their last tatters of credibility, and for what?

I never understood the attraction myself…


“This was a whitelash, a whitelash against a changing country. A whitelash against a black President.”

Um, excuse me? If both candidates were white (including all the people nominated by the Democrats, unlike the Republicans), how is choosing Trump a “whitelash”? Van Jones is such a racist scumbag. I really hope he loses his job, or that his employer goes out of business.

And it’s obvious that Paul Krugman deeply hates the country he lives in…the one that enabled him to rest on his economics Nobel laurels and make a cushy living as a left-wing academic and partisan political shill.

I just love Rachel Maddow though…she’s great for a little comic relief.


Some interesting charts, plotting the gradual encroachment of reality upon confirmation bias:

Look for: Chance of Winning Presidency and Total Electoral Votes. The trendline says it all.




To be self aware is to be aware of others…


Yes Rowland, keep churning out this garbage. It’s a race to the bottom, and you reached that bottom long ago


Two points.

  1. As a racial bloc, of all groups, whites vote the least along racial lines. Funny how no one ever complains when other groups do it though. Basically, having a group identity is good for everyone else, but bad for whites (even when they don’t do it that much). That’s illuminating.

  2. I hope the media double down. I hope leftists double down. I hope they call for secession, riot, and all of the rest of it. They appear to have learnt nothing from Brexit. It’s fantastic. The more they do this, the more credibility the media will lose. Putting the lying and dying in lying and dying media, indeed. They will confirm in the minds of people who were reluctant Trump voters that they made the right decision after all.

Keep taking the mask off you media shills!



LOL Looking at the urls on that list.


I’ve always been ahead of the curve.


It’s a glorious, glorious list.


It’s funny because I don’t live in the US and I’m not a US citizen. I loled.


Funny? It’s pretty sad, actually…no matter where you live or what passport you hold. Thank you, Democrats, for stoking the flames of racial hatred.


Yeah I mean not “FUNNY funny”, just “funny”.


Aside from the media who spent months supporting Clinton and now they need to pick up the pieces, wtf is wrong with young Democrats in the Us? I mean, Facebook, twitter, Youtube and all social platforms are filled with people pointing a camera at their face while crying and screaming in panic for the imminent end of the world, to let everyone know that they were morally superior and everyone else let them down and needs to apologize.
I mean, wtf? Did the Republicans react like that when Obama won? I remember many people being upset and disgruntled, but the attention whoring that is going on on social networks is embarassing.


You make the tired old Republican mistake of lumping the SJW extreme liberal nutcase crowd in with the vast majority of centrist liberals.

And yes the Republicans have been butthurt and pissy little bastards all 8 years of Obama from day one


To me it’s starting to look like the SJW nutcase crowd sums up a fairly relevant percentage of the elctorate.


I will agree with you on that. There are too many for my liking


And winning the occasional midterm.

One guy’s righteous indignation is the other guy’s whining, depending whose side you’re on. But to get back on topic… the reason we should mock these media crybabies is that they weren’t supposed to be partisan, or even have a vested interest at all. It’s the hypocrisy that makes them deserving of contempt.

By the way, there are other threads for the basket of deplorable thug culture that are the western world’s urban youth. Damned snowflakes better get off our collective lawn if they know what’s good for them, because they can throw a punch in the face way better than they can take one.

Oh, and there’s the projection. Weren’t the Trumpistas supposed to be the violent ones?


I like that on Twitter/Reddit it’s easy to find the pics of the dozens of buses that brought all those spontaneous manifestants in Austin to protest against Trump. They also all had the same signs.

100% legit protests: confirmed.