The Carrefour 2020 Thread

In lieu of @SuiGeneris 's thread, I’ve seen an increase in “rare” finds in Carrefour all around Taiwan.

There’s a few Carrefour near home and I visit both on a regular basis, there’s always different items that they stock in the international aisles. So feel free to share your finds!

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It is a shame they don’t all stock the same things. Even their online site does not show what is available in all stores. It is pretty much dumb luck hit and miss.

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People have been suffering this issue in the Costco thread for years and years to come.

Well, they do have the membership card in which you have to jot down some simple personal info. Maybe they stock things in certain stores based on demographics?

It is annoying. I have been chasing this cream I use for my keto and it is hit or miss that it will be found in Carrefour Xindian. So I went looking elsewhere, tried in central Taipei close to work 3 different places…No luck. It is Carrefour brand to make it worse.

Found this place in Taichung. They have an online store. They have tons of US “comfort food”!
Jello pudding
Trader Joes stuff
Kraft mac n cheese
Jiffy corn bread mix
And tons and tons more

I stopped scrolling after page 60 and placed an order.


Carrefour’s selling veal. First time I’ve ever seen that.

Chops, steaks, or what??

I heard say you can ask the management team of your Carrefour to bring products from another Carrefour.

Steaks and medallions. Pricey, though. 550 and 750NTD respectively for two steaks.

Xindian seems to be a superior Carrefour to those in NeiHu and XiZhi.

This is my best find:


Slap a few dollops of that on your corn guo tie (pot stickers) and you are in flavour heaven.


They now have taco shells!!

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I nearly bought those taco shells to break apart to make nachos with.

If you want nachos, just get the tortilla chips from Costco.

Or Jason’s

Or…Carrefour! :wink:

Unfortunately/fortunately I’m on the east coast.

Edit: yeah sometimes carrefour has the plain ones.

I did just pick up this to try, since sometimes we put lemon juice and chili powder on mango or jicama.

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These may not be rare:

Pretty decent for industrial cheese, NT$179

goes great with my current go to cheap red

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Shit! I got to get to Carrefour. Chipotle Tobasco is great stuff.

Is that the tiny bottle?

I looked this up and found it on Seems to be really nice. If I see it at the Xizhi carrefour I’ll have to buy one…