The cars are the stars

How about a new thread where the cars are the stars for the car enthusiasts ?

Finally got a chance to demo the new mid engined Corvette

The interior was quite special feeling it did feel like a super car

It drove really well in the brief demo I had in it all too brief

Although it has a giant v8 it’s a lazy 8 so the acceleration didn’t feel all that fast

The one I drove was not the ZO6 which supposedly does zero to sixty in 2.9

The stingray I drove supposedly does it in 3.9 which puts it in the same category as a TTRS

I guess because the car is big and heavy when I put my foot down it really didn’t feel all that fast

I’ve driven the TTRS which felt faster probably cuz it’s smaller

It’s a nice car to own for the looks though and at 100k is a bargain considering the Ferrari is 350k and up

Kind of kicking myself because in 2005 I got my 2003 RSX with 20k miles for 330 a month for five years and thousand down think it was I had a chance at the same dealership to get a 2005 Corvette That was practically brand new had only 5000 miles. It was a base model and I loved it. I had a chance to get it for only $130 a month more but for a whole year longer for six years instead of five years, I hesitated for a day and then that sold one of the reasons was because it was red and I really did not want a red Corvette that would be like a real ticket getter but I do kind of think What if I had gotten that car instead of the Acura I’m sure the Acura gave me much better service because there were times when I needed to have someone sit in the back like I had three people to carry around so in those times, the Corvette could not have done the work, but man, I still think I should have gotten that near brand new Corvette for $130 a month more probably a good deal at that time now of course Corvettes $100,000. I hear you can get a base model for less but right now there’s still a lot of dealers asking for a lot of markup so it’s probably not a time to get one yet but I guess in a year or two maybe could get a model for around $70,000 but that’s still not gonna be 460 a month so sometimes I wish I had taken that opportunity on the Corvette . The car will be 20 years old by now but you know what fiberglass body the body is not gonna rust and the big V8 is a lazy engine is still pretty much the same engine , that’s in the Corvettes today and they’re known to be fair to easy to fix when it goes bad been known to last quite a long time too so chances are that Corvette could still be in my possession today so anyway who knows probably should’ve gotten it then


And it actually gets around 19 MPG if driven lightly which is amazing for a 6700 cc V8

Well this thread has gotten a lot of interest…NOT.

The regular corvette stingray with performance package is “officially” 2.9. People don’t seem to be getting much different times between performance package and not, when on the same tires.

Z06 is officially like 2.6 or something.

No… It’s a ~3ish second 0-6 car. Where are you seeing ~4 seconds?

just under $70k base dude. This looks like a very easy car to get at / under MSRP. Here’s one for $5500 under MSRP - buy it and I’ll drive it out to you. :smiley:

lol very kind of you sir I need to pay off my TT first or trade that puppy in
Can’t afford another big car payment ugh

I’m working on getting a trek electric bike currently

I’m all talk and no bite on cars right now

I tend to buy a new car under duress like the old one fell apart

Like I don’t get a new wife until the old one runs away kinda thing

Dam nice car and decent price though
Cept I’d like orange I can’t get a yeller car cuz the last time I drove a yeller car I got into a head on

Apparently they didn’t see me

Guess you right where DID I get the 3.9 from ?

That car is seriously fast !! Perhaps too fast for me now but lucky it didn’t feel stupid fast
Like the Plaid

Guess you have to really mash the pedal though Nd have enough road in front of you

I drove it on a curvy road and I had to reel it in
Exceptional road holding though in the dry donno bout wet

I’ll drive one of those out to you too if you buy one! Also under MSRP!

Thank you I do appreciate that
What will be less appreciated will be the expected monthly payment of possibly 1200 a month lol

I need that in my life like NO I don’t need that

Wonder what the insurance is too for those

Orange is a looker tho right ?

I wanted my TT to be orange but they had the wrong shade
They had an orange some years ago I would’ve liked

I had a model of a monte verde HAI in orange
In high school

And one day I’m gonna get me an Orange sports car !!

In the meantime, I’m sitting here in front of the TV past midnight with six chicken dumplings. I got from Trader Joe’s all fixed up and ready to eat and bought a Heineken 12 pack the other day. I have not had Heineken and I don’t know how many years perhaps 20 years and I thought that you know Heineken that’s old school but now that I’ve had a couple of bottles, it’s tasting pretty damn good. Actually I was gonna get Stella, but I thought let’s go back to revisit Heineken. I think good choice.

It’s just such a departure from earlier years. When I think of Corvette, I think of rounder, softer shapes. I’m not sure I like the new model. It’s like a stealth version stylistically. It looks good, but it’s not for me.

'63 Stingray.

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It looks like an exotic import, not an American muscle car. Which is what is always was, disguise that as it might have under some stellar bodywork.

I like it, I think, but I don’t think it’s really a Corvette…


It’s a departure for sure but maybe it will perform better in the wet as previously big power with all the weight up front and rear drive tends to make the tail slide at the smallest provocation like mustangs

I remember driving a Stang v8 in 2000 in light rain and you couldn’t trust the thing

Was told vettes weren’t good in rain either

Waiting to hear about the new vettes in the rain

Maybe the stangs have improved now because of all independent suspension and traction control which I would think the corvette has too to help its composure in wet weather

A long time ago 911 were infamous for swapping ends in turns and it didn’t even have to be on wet roads

Just go into turns fast and stomp on the brakes mid turn could do it

I actually did that in a Peugeot 305 one night on the way back to Taichung from kukuan on the EW highway

Did a full 360 . Was having so much fun zipping around the bends when I went into one corner too fast and I stepped on the brakes mid corner which is a classic mistake , it’s not even advisable to let off the gas mid corner and I did a full 360 on that 2 lane mountain road.

Was lucky I didn’t go over the edge. I would not be here today

Supposed to step on the brakes hard if needed before starting the turn then light gas through the bend and then power out I know now

The 305 was front engined and front drive but it still stepped out of line on provocation and this was on a dry road

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C5-C7 Corvettes were all right around 50/50 weight distribution. The C8 is about 40/60, with a rear bias. Oversteer / Understeer can be tuned, but all else being equal, rear weight bias tends to increase oversteer and front weight bias increases understeer. The big difference with the C8, weight distribution, and handling is probably mostly the result of a change in the polar moment.

All about the amount of power, the tires, and how well you modulate that foot. Mostly the last two.

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True that but the Stang was wagging its
Tail on a straight but wet road at only 20mph !!
Every time you stepped on the gas the tail slides

I felt that car will have been very unsafe on Taiwan’s hilly roads in the rain especially in view how much rain N Taiwan gets

Think vettes and 911 have wider rear tires but I’m not sure that helps to keep the tail from
going out or is just a power thing to get the car going

I once put wider tires on the rears only on my Telstar and it was awful with tremendous over steer mid corner

Had to put them on the front as I’d paid for the tires already and that was ok . No tail wagging over steer with wider fronts on that front drive

IIRC. The Citroen CX also had wider front tires and that too was FWD

Made the Telstar more able in turns !

Audi switched their Quattro to 40/60 power tfrom 50/50 power to give it a rear bias

I know that’s a bit diff than weight distribution which I think the ideal is still 50/50

My TT has near 50/50 weight distribution but has 40/60 Quattro bias on the sport setting and 50/50 on D

Being a Haldex which can be electronically Influenced instead of the north south engined audi cars which have mechanical AWD and are full time . I’m not sure how they do the power distribution but they too went from 50/50 to 40/60 but are not changeable on the mechanical systems

The TT like other Audi east west engined cars don’t have a “real” Quattro like the others and are not full time AWD instead being front drive until AWD is needed when the front tires are detected to be slipping by the ABS

But the reaction time is near instant

I drove my TT on several inches of snow around Lake Tahoe last winter for a couple of hours keeping it under 30 mph and the thing performed exceptionally well. Supposed to keep it under 25 mph in the snow

They use a electronically controlled, hydraulically engaged wet clutch (in place of a center diff).

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