The Cellar

Where is it? What is it? Why would I want to go there?

Did a search already but came up with nothing.

Can you be a bit more specific. Where did you hear about this place? What is it? Restaurant, bar, lounge, place for storing root vegetables?

I think I went there once before… Is that the one on NanJing E Rd? Just east of the Ikea complex? If it is, it wasn’t too bad for a lounge bar; wide selection of wines (obviously), but I’m not nearly enough of an expert to say much past that.
Of course, if that’s the wrong place then… never mind.

I think that must be the one on Nanjing. I don’t think it’s very far from Dan Ryan’s. So is this a place one would take his wife to, or more a place to hang out with the guys? Now that I have someone I can count on to sit for us, I’d like to go out with the husband sometime and I’m just itching to see all these places that are so much more fun than… me.


Well, its certainly a bit more upscale than say… carnegies. So it might be a nice, relaxing evening out for a couple.

Have fun…

Saw the following in WINOPETE’S PUB NEWS - 24TH SEPTEMBER, 2003


Cellar, a basement lounge bar at 21, Nanjing East Rd Section 4, has a happy hour from 6-8pm when all beers are 2-4-1. As the regular beer price is NT$180+10%, the happy hour price of NT$90+10% is not too shabby. Be warned, the service here is colder than at a KGB concentration camp in Kamchatka.[/i]

I’d like to strangle whoever started this 10% service-charge craze. Next bien dang vendors will aslo be wanting 10 points extra.

Are you nuts? As a consumer, I love the 10%. Removes the need to figure out a tip. As a server, I’d hate it.

You tip in Taiwan?