The Chinese (?) Characters in That Gwen Stefani Video

Many of you may have had the pleasure of seeing the music-video for the Gwen Stefani (hot blonde girl from No Doubt) song “Holla-Back Girl”. The video features some kind of logo with a banana and the Chinese characters “yuan2” (original or raw) and “su4” (old or the first syllable in the chinese word for dormitory). What do these characters mean together in Chinese (if anything, assuming they’re not Japanese characters)? Just curious… And as a side note, I wonder why they didn’t put the characters for “banana” (xiangjiao). Hmm…

They say “Harajuku,” a trendy spot in Tokyo. Kind of what Ximen wishes it were. And for why? Because she’s another of these stupid twits who have jumped on the OMGJAPANESECOOL!!! bandwagon. Like her disgusting and physically nauseating mangling of the word “kawaii” at the start of that video.

So, I take it you’re not a No Doubt fan, Tetsuo? :wink:

Actually I didn’t mind No Doubt. But her solo stuff irks me, and she as a person seems remarkably vapid.