The Clubhouse - Rooms and Food in Hualien!

The target date is March 1st for the grand opening of “The Clubhouse”.

The clubhouse will have 6 rooms ranging in size. The Clubhouse will be the first establishment in Hualien to have a large pub style menu. This will be complimented with a Chinese menu and an all day breakfast. The second floor will also have a great lounge with PS2, Xbox, satellite, foosball, hammocks, a computer which will allow you to play the music you want and more.

The clubhouse is also located conveniently close to the train station. (only three short blocks away.

Keep you ears and eyes open if you are heading our way.


PS We are still in the works but plan on having as much foreign beer as possible.

Those 6 rooms will be fully furnished and rentable for very reasonable rates.
Rooms will range from 500 -800 NT. Scooters can also be rented for the day or weekend.

If you have any questions you can contact Chris at 0919 908 253

Do you have an address? A few blocks from the t station is a little vague. :s

When you exit the train and then the train station you just walk straight and take you fourth right. We are #160 Guo Shin Jay. The sign will make it obvious as well.

Edited: I asked a question that you have already answered. Sorry.


Can you ellaborate on the beer available and the food that will be on offer? I usually go to the river pub when I go to Hualien which is a reasonable place to go to. Will it be an improvement on this?

Has anyone been to this place? How is it? I’m going to Hualien tomorrow and will most likely be bored silly by nightfall.

sorry haven’t been back to the site in a while as i have been busy trying to get the clubhouse open and moving to my first purchased home. it’s been hell. anyway, in response to be better than river. I would say it is a place to start before the river. xbox, projector tv. small restaurant. Place to relax and have a few wobbly pops before going out. Draft for now is tiger, working on Tsingdao draft tap. Will be open for business by this coming Monday. I believe that is the 11th. Got to go to work. Later

I have been to this place, having just visited this weekend. It looks great, excellent pizza, Tiger beer on tap. The rooms are clean and funky (if that’s possible, at the same time).

Chris has obviously gone through a lot to get this place going. I am looking forward to putting my feet up in his lounge and watching sports on the projector screen next time I’m down in HuaLien.

Good job, Chris!

I’ve been to the Clubhouse 3 times already. The Mexican food is excellent, and very reasonably priced. Hualien has been needing a place like this for a long time. My highest recommendations!

Do many locals go there?

Yes, I have seen a few locals there.

Free English lessons.

They should get some local women to work there. Then it would turn into a KTV.