The Coffee Thread

I was told by my favourite coffee shop owner in Japan a few years ago that Kalita has discontinued this nice entry level grinder. Have you seen it back on sale?


No. It was several years ago when I saw it here.

Nice espresso here:

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Sometimes I throw the remaining of a fresh brewed pot in the fridge and then heat it up by cup in the microwave the next morning for my first cup. Tastes fine as long as nothing in the fridge is getting it’s funk into the coffee.

Anyone else drink day old brewed coffee?

Same here - I bottle the entire pot to prevent any unwanted odors. Better hot or iced coffee than the convenience store stuff. Still not as good as my Keurig brewer though.

me, three. Drink it next day heated up, or put in fridge overnight for iced coffee the next day on hot summer day

A HWC roasters outlet opened up close to me recently. Neat coffee shop selling specialty coffee at decent prices. I picked up their blue mountain blend beans and its right on point for blue mountain . That was also the cheapest blend at 300nt/half pound.
Seems like they are based in Taichung but opening up outlets in various places.

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One is coming (soon!) on the ground floor of Taipei Main Station.

Haven’t tried them but look forward to giving them a go.

Btw, the only Taichung coffee roaster I am familiar with is Mojo Coffee, served with panache in Taipei City at Avenue and Sugar Pea. Good stuff!


I just bought this Yirgacheffe and it smells awesome even before I have opened it.

Edit - these guys are from Tainan

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I presume that’s from HWC? If you can, let us know what it’s like.


Different one , this is HWC , lanshan

It tastes classically blue mountain right away with the sour (?!?) flavour , only complaint was I couldn’t easily tell the beans origin. I don’t expect real blue mountain coffee anyway for 300ntd, and they do say ‘flavour’.
Similar to Alishan tea only about 1% of what is claimed is blue mountain is actually from blue mountain.


In the Taipei area and looking for a range of brews?

If so, the Taipei Coffee Festival is on today, with a plethora of vendors lined up in the NTU campus alone the pedestrian only zone of Zhoushan Road (Gongguan MRT Station Exit 2). If nothing else, it promises to deliver that much-needed shot (or shots!) of caffeine to get through yet another rainy day. : D



Unfortunately, I only saw this today…

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There must be some announcements or groups or websites or something with Taipei Coffee Festivals. I bump into them unexpectedly.

I see them when I’m walking mall or an MRT station or who knows where so I think they’re like weekly or once or twice a month or something.

And it’s not like one central organization organizing them. I think it’s different coffee companies and organizations and shops that hold em and sponsor them.