"The Conservative Cult of Victimhood"

I can’t figure out what you’re getting out of this.

This has got to be a bullshit account. I’ve been biting my tongue for over a year since homersimpsun and I can’t think of any other possibility than you are some goateed guy trying to turn us all far right.



what does anyone get out of this? Probably the same answer as you. You asked me that already, is it a memory loss thing? Ask yourself what you’re getting out of it. That’s the answer.

Yowza, you nailed the image I have as well. I would add community college instructor elbow patches,

Not that hipster, come on. No goatee either.

I get a lot out of forumosa. What do you get outside of the political forums? There’s nothing wrong with that, of course.

I’m cool with the memory loss dig - it was quite funny. When are you getting tenure?

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I lived in Taiwan for a long time. So it keeps me in touch with it. Re: politically as I said, If I heard one critique of the left I agreed with it was that they only talk to each other. That is a valid critique of the left. They live in bubbles of their own like minded thinkers. That is why they lost in 2016. If you want to defeat political conservatives you have to know how they think. The left didn’t do this well for a long time. So here we are.

I would predict I will be retired long before that ever happens. Anything further regarding my gig or any others I’m happy to answer but in PMs. I really must sleep now.

Sounds like a good decision.

He died in 1967.

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Alice lived a lot longer. :slight_smile: Interstellar Space was released in 1974 posthumously. But you’re right, John Coltrane died in '67.

Alice Coltrane - Reflection on Creation and Space (A Five Year View) LP 1973 [FULL ALBUM] - YouTube


I just want to be left alone. That is all I want in life. No one telling me what to do and believe. And I don’t want to pay high taxes. It’s the hardest part of doing business and kills entrepreneurship. I have to pay 20% of revenue for everything I sell in the UK. And then what’s left is taxed in income tax.


I don’t understand why the constant name change and pretending to not be that person over and over again when everyone knows from the way he posts. It’s very distinctive.

You mean, like this?

Yep, a contrived sense of victimhood. Behold, in all its splendor.

EDIT: Add:

Keep em’ comin’. I’ll just catalouge them in this one thread and it will be more efficient.

I’m not a conservative, but does being the victim of slander count? And what if the perpetrator pretends it never happens and tries to maintain some semblance of credibility; doesn’t that make them some kind of oppressor? In which case, who cares what they think about anything, really?

You mean, you want me to go find the quotes where you also called me a liar, a bigot, and a hypocrite (that was a busy day for you)? I don’t think you’re worth the time, the racist one makes my point nicely (and also demonstrates that if I haven’t saved it, you may have changed it anyways).

If it were just my word against yours, bet you wished you had some credibility then, eh?

But seriously, if you don’t want to have your words thrown back in your face, you should probably be more careful with them. This must be very frustrating for you.

I think it’s fairly obvious. I muted him so I don’t waste my time. I have better things to do these days.

I’m still having fun.

Funny thing is @Andrew0409, I remember disagreeing with you on some things as well; there’s just a few people on the far left here who seem unable to have reasonable disagreements* and I really can’t stand it. So, I’ll do what I can to educate them or at least quiet them down a little. Worst case scenario, I hope those who are reading but not posting are learning something or at least enjoying the jokes (and the schadenfreude!).

*they didn’t mind when i was dropping logic bombs on the far righties

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I actually enjoy disagreements. You learn a lot. But some people just aren’t worth your time as they have nothing to share.

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tough to say, i probably wouldn’t have discovered this guy if i wasn’t spending my time here on these discussions

i’m also in limbo because of covid, can’t do much where i am and i find this more fun than watching TV and reading all the time. i have some personal reasons to dislike self-righteous and illogical SJWs, as well