The cost of breathing clean air in Beijing

From the article. It’s apparently expensive to breath clean air in Beijing. So only the wealthy can do it.

The Wang family recently installed a fresh air filtering system, which cost them about $4,300.
It works like a ventilation system, cleaning outside air and pumping it into their home.
They also have an air purifier in each room, eight in all, to filter out carbon dioxide and take care of any dirty air that may leak in. Those add up to about $7,200.

And the purifiers need to be changed about once a month – which rings in at $430.
Water filters for sinks run about $300 and shower filters can cost upwards of $1,000 on JD, a popular Chinese e-commerce site.

For the super wealthy, companies such as Environment Assured, an indoor air quality and water filtration consultancy, will assess the toxicity of living and office spaces.
The company offers a top-of-the-line package that comes in at just under $15,000, according to Alex Cukor, the vice president of enterprise solutions at Environment Assured.

the saddest thing is how much CO2 and pollution these systems made ‘to filter out carbon dioxide’ will produce :unamused: