The crazy lady at Sanjusangendo

Has anyone tried a the restaurant near MRT Xiemen called “Sanjusangendo” (三十三間堂 )? I was going to go there to celebrate my first anniversary with Mr. Battlepanda, but a last-minute check online turned up a Yahoo page with some reviews that scared us off. Here’s a few quotes:

“There’s no menu there…you eat what the boss lady tells the waitresses to bring you. We were shocked when we saw the bill. NT $1800 per person – for lunch.”

“The bill came to over NT $ 6000 for the two of us. I could not stand the proprietress who kept coming over to my boyfriend and asking him if he would like to meet more girls.”

“The food was delicious and fresh, to be honest, but if I could have given it zero stars I would have. The food kept coming even though we told them we were full. Almost fainted when I saw the bill.”

"I told the proprietress I had to hit the ATM because I didn’t bring enough cash. She said loudly “don’t come to a classy restaurant if you don’t have money.”

“She drinks your liquor.”

“She yelled ‘These people are out of money. Get them their bill and get them out of here.’ We were dressed like students, even though I already make NT $80000 a month by that point…”

“My boss used to love this place. The lady boss is quite over the top…she’ll banter, pull pranks, expose her midriff or underwear in front of the guests. It’s too much for most people.”

“You’ll only get good food here if you’re an old customer or if you look like you’re rich.”

“Once the boss lady got a bit too excited and exposed her already droopy breasts.”

“You might wonder if it is a pet store or a restaurant because more than 20 cats live here.”

“Check your bill. We almost overpaid by NT $7000 for food we didn’t eat.”

“She sings, she dances and she verbally abuses the customers.”

But damn, the food there looks good…!link:!

Boss lady in action:

Here’s a positive review from Crispy46:

Was I right to have chickened out? Or is the food there so delicious that it is worth braving the wrath of Boss Lady and her 38 cats?


Was I right to have chickened out? Or is the food there so delicious that it is worth braving the wrath of Boss Lady and her 38 cats?[/quote]

sounds like more of something for a laugh than an anniversary, though it wouldn’t be my cup of tea either way.

I would have no problems going there for a lark if it weren’t so expensive.

The worst part would be…you won’t know how bad until the bill comes… :astonished:

How is it again that a place like this stays in operation?

I should add that there are a lot of raves on that thread too which I didn’t bother to translate. They all mention the food, which is supposed to be imaginative and luxurious…spanking fresh seafood from hokkaido. Also, some people actually like the woman…depends on how crazy she is on the night.

I just watched the “boss lady” in action. Yes, the food looks delicious, but honestly, I don’t think she’s got too much to expose to anyone. One would think that with all the money she’s making she’d be able to afford some decent dentures. Looks like she’s got some teeth missing or something. Unless the lady I saw wasn’t the boss lady, of course.

Food looks great, though.