The Criminal Trial of George Galloway

How’s that coming along? I’ve set my Google News filter to include “George Galloway” but I’m not getting any news of that criminal trial that was promised by Norm Coleman and other chaps. I wouldn’t have started this thread but all the major news sources seem to have dropped the story. All I’m getting is Socialist Lefty Weekly or whatever telling us what a fine fellow he is, but no news of the trial.

If anyone hears of any indictments, or summonses in the UK, could they post here?

Which body is it that’s investigating him? Is it the US Attorney General’s Office?


But is it a crime?

George Galloway has been branded a “laughing stock” by a Labour opponent after the Respect MP imitated a cat on Celebrity Big Brother.

Mr Galloway, 51, went on all fours, purred and pretended to lick cream from actress Rula Lenska’s hands, as part of a task set on the Channel 4 show.

Labour London Assembly member John Biggs accused the Bethnal Green and Bow MP of neglecting his constituents.

But Mr Galloway says taking part in the programme is good for politics.[/quote]

Still when will the crimes be forthcoming from the U.S. Senate?

He’s certainly made an ass of himself. Not the first MP to do that, or to ignore his constituents. Though I wonder how much time Tony spends with his constituents?

I doubt the Senate wants the newest Teletubbie on the Senate floor.

Video here:


You can’t be serious. That’s George Galloway? And what’s that thing on the right? :astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

Mick Jagger??

A sense of humour and humilty is a good think in a politician. More’s the pity we would never see Bush or Howard strutting their stuff in lycra. . . however, the Australian foreign minister has been known to don fishnets and heels:

Wish I couyld find that snap, however . . .

[quote][url=]Alexander Downer

Mick Jagger??[/quote]

Pete Burns of Dead or Alive…ah!..fickle fame…

That’ll go down well with his constituents. Chances of George Galloway getting re-elected? Zero. What a tosser.