The day the pig died

Saw something just now on TV news about a foreigner here in Taipei, long hair, talked about someone or something that ‘‘died, …in blood’’,… TV news showed a photo of earlier, happier days when the pet pig was part of the household’s daily life in Hualien…

The subject was very emotional, sobbing out of control at times when talking about the death, but then becoming very quiet and somber, too, but I could not understand if a human had died or a pet animal, …his name appeared to be Justin or something like that according to the text below the photo,… describing how “she” died, and the name on the screen was ‘‘Panelope’’.

Does anyone know what this was about?

Penelope was the pig’s name. They recently moved into a new house, and didn’t secure the pen well enough (from what I know). The pig got out. That was the last I heard, yesterday from a very good friend of Justin’s. I guess they found Penelope…

R.I.P. Penelope. :frowning:

Well, my wife said not the foreigner is dead but the pig!

She said it was about a foreigner having a black pig and seeing a dead black pig he thought it is his and cried.

Then he learned it is a different pig but still cried for the dead pig.

She said.

Hopefuly and autopsy can bring more clarety if it is a dead pig or foreigner :stuck_out_tongue:

Why do my posts sometimes sound like … ?

EDIT: FearsomeOrange was faster. Fearsome but fast!

Thanks, FearsomeOrange. It looked like the story was about a pig, but they way he sobbed so uncontrollably about the incident, I thought it might have been about a human being. It was hard to tell.

But animals, and pets especially,. are also part of the family, so I can understand his feelings…NOW THAT YOU EXPLAIN IT. Thanks. Small world!

It was an amazing TV interview, news segment, and sorry to hear about the pig’s death. How did it die? Run over by car or what?

I wonder how that story got on TV? Maybe the newspapers will report on this tomorrow morning.

From what I got from the segment, the guy had a pet pig that disappeared. Someone called him and said “Your pig is dead”. He found a pool of blood that had black hair in it and now his pig is gone…??? :frowning:

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

It is a conspiracy. There are rumors, the Taiwanese would even eat pig meat? Not sure if this is true, but I have seen many strange things here.

Any locals who can comment on that?

Seriously, I know a pig is a very intelligent animal and you can develop the same relation to it as to a dog. I pity the owner.
Guess some greedy a-ma had her mouth watering from seeing it and coundn’t wait to turn into into the heavy salted grey lifeless fat pork they are said to stuff into their rice. Disgusting. Disturbing. Frightening.

If the body was not found, sounds like it was stolen and butchered. :s

It might have been Poagao, he’s offed a few pigs in his day. :wink:


I suggest keeping their nose in the air for a bar-b-que in progress…

Let’s see if I got this right. This guy has a pet pig, unusual, but possible. Then another identical pig just happens to wander into the house and explodes, this part I have a problem with, just how likely is that ?

Was it a foreign pig ?

[quote=“Big Fluffy Matthew”]Let’s see if I got this right. This guy has a pet pig, unusual, but possible. Then another identical pig just happens to wander into the house and explodes, this part I have a problem with, just how likely is that ?

Was it a foreign pig ?[/quote]

The poster spied that a foreigner cried.
The poster did sigh, ‘why did the man cry?’
His friends replied, “The pig died.”
Someone asked, “What of his pride?”
So someone else chose to deride.
So, BFM, the pig died, and the ‘fake’ owner cried.
Now just let it slide.
Or go for a ride, in my Toyota.

I’m confused. How can a pig be black? When I was in school, my classmates of color made it clear to me that pigs are white and whites are pigs. Maybe I just don’t understand Taiwanese culture. :frowning:

I think it was one of those Vietnam-breed pet pigs, black coat, very clean, very smart and many people keep them as pets now in North America, Japan and Taiwan.

When I opened this thread, I honestly thought some politician had passed away. :laughing:

“You guys ain’t finding me 'till after CNY…heh heh heh”

No you have it confused. DA MAN is a pig, and DA MAN is white. Pigs today come in all shades, especially in LA… :laughing: :laughing: :laughing: :smiley:

I hope that LA is for Lousyana. Cuz yeah. Those pigs come in all shades…so do the rats.

Apple Daily newspaper on Thursday ran a photo of Justin holding a sign in Chinese, and a brief news story accopanied the photo. Said the pig PANELOPE was killed by [a bad person or a group of bad people] in the Hualien area, where Justin and his wife live, and said everyone in town knows who killed the pig, but nobody wants to mention names for obvious reasons.

These animal killers apparently just wanted to kill the pig for no reason other than they saw it roaming free in the road, after it got out of its pen.

Apparently, according to APPLE DAILY, there is a NT$10,000 reward being offered for bringing the culprits to justice. Justinn is shown in photo he is holding as sitting down on living room floor in earlier days with his pet pig lying on the floor nearby, in good health and “smiling”…

I miss my dog. :scooby:

Guess I’m just not a pig person.