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Australia, Italy and others halt funding to U.N. agency over claim staff involved in Hamas attack on Israel

Australia, Italy and others halt funding to U.N. agency over claim staff involved in Hamas attack on Israel - CBS News.

“We need to defund the United Nations,”(, citing the world body’s failure to publicly condemn Hamas for its ruthless Oct. 7, 2023, attack on civilians and soldiers in southern Israel. “We should focus on the problems here in the United States and stop lighting our money on fire.”

In my opinion the UN is nothing but a terrorist funding scheme


Yes. Defund them. Send the money to me instead please.


Oh sure, like you need tunnels.


To be fair the UN has loads of programs.

IMO, they need an audit and an administrative enema.

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Then so is everyone who sent aid to a de facto Hamas ruled state. Obviously it’s incredibly complicated and I’m not sure how making the UN the sole scapegoat helps.

Everyone knows what the money was used for/where much of it went (UAE).

Overseas aid in general has been a long term disaster.

How else can I escape to the pub with the missus watching the front door?


Probably easier to have a new evolution and start a new organization and root out the possibilities for corruption and add the inclusion of all pseudo countries held back only by another state saying so. If both sides can’t have a voice, it’s not possible to solve

Paraglider off the roof top?


Add an extension for me also I want the BS Pub (BS=Bomb Shelter Pub)

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Taiwan and Israel prove that the UN is nothing more than a sham organisation.


Did you see Tedros, who infamously accused Taiwan of “bullying” him at the start of the pandemic, crying crocodile tears over Gaza?


Still kind of a useless money pit.

I believe he’s genuinely emotional. He’s just an idiot who has no understanding of the complexity of the situation. Very similar to people in management positions in the UN. People promoted into positions way above their ability, usually for political reasons.

Obviously everyone wants a ceasefire. Nobody wants war (with the exception of those who start wars).

Crying doesn’t make a difference.


Two more cutting off the drip.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urged donor countries not to suspend funding.“Two million civilians in Gaza depend on critical aid from UNRWA for daily survival but UNRWA’s current funding will not allow it to meet all requirements to support them in February.
“While I understand their concerns – I was myself horrified by these accusations – I strongly appeal to the governments that have suspended their contributions to, at least, guarantee the continuity of UNRWA’s operations.
“The abhorrent alleged acts of these staff members must have consequences. But the tens of thousands of men and women who work for UNRWA, many in some of the most dangerous situations for humanitarian workers, should not be penalized. The dire needs of the desperate populations they serve must be met,” Guterres stated.

Yeah, this is called consequences. And of course, the little people will suffer.

UNWRA is being held accountable finally. Are they going to fire the over 3000 employees that celebrated the October 07 Hamas massacre of Israel?

:roll_eyes: I think any competent executive surely knows by now to keep current on what his employees talk about 'round the water cooler, and especially which employees are plotting which organizational revolutions, so his purported surprise is real bad news for UNRWA.

Again, this one rotten branch speaks volumes about the health of the tree, the UN.

Well, let us know what happened when you made this speech to Hamas. You know, the titular political leadership of Gaza. How did things go when Guterres asked Hamas to loosen some of the recent USD millions Biden gave them?

As usual, a pretty speech but self-destructive results. The UN is effing broken.

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In any biological industry, we cut the branch to save the orchard. Well, clearly not every biological industry. Entity. Whatever title.

Things need to be done with science, logic and ethics. Even a diseased tree we don’t just burn without thought. Spores float in smoke. Everyone knows this already. Or, continue suffering the consequences.

It has been for decades.

The Bad Apples argument:

To be clear, there are few easy options when it comes to UNRWA. Even Israeli observers admit that UNRWA, for good or ill, remains ‘essential’ to the functioning of Gaza. This is an organisation that oversees vast swathes of social and educational life in Gaza, as well as providing health and welfare. And yet the bourgeois illusion that UNRWA is a good, neutral body that just happens to have a few bad actors in its ranks is dangerously simple-minded. In truth, UNRWA has helped to institutionalise a Palestinian politics of grievance, increase both local and global hatred for Israel, and provide spaces in which Gazan Islamists have been able to indoctrinate a new generation with their Jew hate that masquerades as ‘Palestinian liberation’. Liberating Gaza from UNRWA ought to be at least a medium-term goal of everyone who cares about Israelis and Palestinians.

UNRWA is worse than you think - spiked (

Dunno if we got this in the thread, but here’s the NYT article:

Israel Details Claims Against U.N. Workers It Says Aided Hamas - The New York Times (

But to its critics, including many Israelis, the agency is an obstacle to resolving the conflict. Its very existence, they say, prevents Palestinian refugees from integrating into new communities and stokes their dreams of one day returning to what is now Israel — a goal that Israel says it will never allow. And in Gaza, Israel argues, UNRWA has fallen under the influence of Hamas, a claim the agency rejects.

This is not the first time the United States has cut off money to the U.N. agency. The Trump administration suspended aid as part its efforts to pressure the Palestinian leadership to stop demanding that refugees be allowed to return to Israel.

But the current threat to its funding is considered to be the gravest in its history because it comes at a time of crisis for Gaza.

Amid warnings of famine, the collapse of the health system and the massive displacement of the Palestinian population, UNRWA’s work is considered more important than ever. It helps coordinate the distribution of the supplies of aid — however meager — that arrive each day in southern Gaza, and its schools provide shelter to more than a million Gazans, according to the agency’s statistics.

The funding suspensions may be felt quickly. Unlike other U.N. agencies, UNRWA has no strategic financial reserve. On Sunday, Mr. Guterres said services might need to be reduced beginning in February.

The UN is pointless like the WHO with bad actors in them with too much power.