The Dewey Virus

I’m interested in collaborating with someone on a web site that either categorically denies spamming, virus recruiters who have hordes plastering the same low quality jobs in every nook and cranny of the Internet. If I look for a job in Taiwan, 90% of the posts are from Dewey International.

Whose in?

Secondly, I want to make a focused place to report sham bosses! Who here isn’t sick of liars, thieves, and unscrupulous bosses who really just don’t give a crap? There are places to report schools, here and there, but I was thinking of something more centralized. One thing would be to have a short questionnaire for posters asking if their school did this or that. If they did certain things, or a certain number of things, the poster could move on to the actual posting of their experience with a particular school.

Another idea is to have a basic encyclopedia of bullsh*t tactics and practices by greed freaks.

Thanks for listening.