The Director You Hate (WHY NOT?)

Nora Ephron
Cameron Crowe

and anything produced by Jerry Bruckheimer

Plenty! Perhaps directors whose work we love would be easier to answer.

I agree…sooo…

I love Paul Mazursky…especially his epic adaptation of The Tempest with John Cassavetes, Raul Julia, Susan Sarandon and (introducing) Molly Ringwald.

David Cronenberg is also one of my favs…except Crash…just too freakin freaky…

Fav screenwrite is, obviously, David Mamet.

Hope you don’t mind that I pulled the old switcheroo on you…but favs are a more positive reflection of our moods…we need to cling to any semblance of positivity in these post 9/11, SARS fearing daze.


I was avoiding illegal substances when I saw that movie. Freaked me out wickedly. And my Taiwanese “Big Brother”. Amputee sex fetishes, indeed. When we finished that movie, we had to go straight to a jiudian for some mindless frivolity, and to get those nasty images out of our minds… :shock:

Hey, I’ve got a copy of Crash and never get tired of watching it. And don’t forget Naked Lunch. Hmmmm…