The Don's Deleterious Monkey Wrench Thread

Nunes as CEO. The information wars are about to truly begin. :woozy_face:

I’m not sure that I have much faith that someone that wasted time fighting a satirical twitter cow is the best choice for a media company. :smiley:


We’ll see. The NYT has been less than trustworthy when it comes to things Trump.

Rumble has gone public as well to build up capital.

The Right is overdue for its own “zuckerberg”

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I’ve given up hope that human nature is capable of truth. The scant hope that Left-wing Lie Factories and Right-wing Lie Factories will cancel each other and let the truth slip through isn’t enough to change that. The more likely result is that the noise level will only increase, making it difficult to even think clearly.


That’s fairly cynical. If it weren’t for RW Lie factories, we wouldn’t know how much the LW Lie factory lies. Russian Collusion {cough cough}

That’s the one thing lie factories are good for. Pointing out each other’s lies.


I just want freedom of speech, and the right wing is more likely to provide a platform on that even though they have the typical cuckservative things they end up railing against, like sex.

But I guess I can always visit Reddit for my furry porn.

I think the right threw that high ground aside a while ago, I’d they ever really held it.

There is a corner (Speaker’s Corner) at Hide Park in London, take your crate and speech all you want. :wink:

Don’t get out much? :slightly_smiling_face:


He should’ve used an alias and a mask.

If you need a laugh:

I’m sure it won’t be Trump’s propaganda appendage or anything.

That path is well trodden.

So here’s a Bloomberg opine. It’s weird itself, with its pretend meeting notes. Like very weird. The SPAC situation is a bit weird as well, weird yet weirdly transparent. Weird also that what’s her face is already asking for an investigation.

It’s true billionaires need to get involved to make an impact in the information warfare game, Bloomberg would know and I don’t think he has made that much of an impact.

Democrats on the other hand seem to have been cosying up to groups like Blackrock who have 10 trillion in assets to manage.

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Pretty standard stuff for Matt Levine, of whom I’ve been a huge fan for years. And he’s right, pretty much every slide of that pitch deck is hilarious. I’m particularly keen on slide 27, which reads exactly like something I’d bang out, if I woke up hungover ten minutes before the meeting and someone told me “we need something about infrastructure”:

“Our technical security infrastructure is based on … procedures!”

Edit: Also the way it keeps labelling expected revenues as “$?B”. Like, over and over again.

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It’s a real war of words.

That was about my take on their “platform” to date.

This part is particularly funny…
"The oddest part of the TMTG presentation is the “technology team” listed on Slide 21. The company has apparently filled 30 important jobs already, but it only lists these team members with a first name and last initial. The chief technology officer is “Josh A.” “Steve E.” is VP of engineering. One of the senior mobile developers is “BJ.” Are these real people or stand-ins? We may never know: As a footnote explains: “personnel subject to change.”