"The Dreamers" by Bernardo Bertolucci

“The Dreamers” by Bernardo Bertolucci. Anybody seen it yet and how goes? From a 1988 book by British writer Gilbert Adair, called The Holy Innocents, screenplay by Adair and tweaked by Bertolucci, who is now a balding, eminence grise of world cinema, maker of Last Tango in Paris, please pass the butter, please, and Last Emperor of course. Joan Chen! Joan Chen!

When is Il Signatori coming to Taiwan, and out in DVD yet? Any Bertolucci fans out there? I love the guy. Shit, I read he’s 63 now, maybe nobody cares anymore about him, in this age of Lord Rings and Love Actually and Cat in the Hat.

allocine.fr/film/galerie_gen … age=1.html

There was nice biography of Joan Chen on the Discovery Channel last week. She had a lot of nice things to say about Bertolucci.

bbc.co.uk/collective/lff/nb/ … l?dreamers

there is a short interview, on film, here, with Berto Lucci.

by the way, for my australian mates out there and irishmen, too, i just found out that Bertolucci is part Irish. Read this:

INT: Tell me about your mother, who was she?

BERNARDO: My mother is the most mysterious person of my life. If you know my movies, there is an obsession in my movies which is my father. In all my movies there is a some kind of an Oedipal conflict; the mother is always a kind of remote, hidden figure. My mother was born in Australia, in Sydney, and that is why I think I have a quarter of my blood which is Australian Irish. My grandmother was called Mulligan and I am very proud of it. I say always I am Italian/Irish. And she came to Italy and her father was Italian. She came to Italy when she was very little in fact, six.

I saw it at the Taipei Golden Horse Film Festival. Best movie I saw last year. Group sex, film students, and the riots of 1968. What is there not to like?