The Eagle Done Landed 39 years ago today

nice vids to celebrate, including the one of buzz aldrin punching some trooffer in the face.


And the special effects still hold up, even by the standards of today.

The truth is out there…Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there!

Go Buzz!

Way to go Buzz! That A-hole sure got what he deserved!

And why do we need CGI if you think that? :laughing: You’re not the only one to have held that belief… Dick Gregory on da Moon

If you want to know the TRUTH about the first moon landings, click here:

I think they must have used cavorite…

And see here for proof that 1969 was a hoax: … re=related

And who better to confront Buzz Aldrin with some hard-hitting questions than…Ali G? … re=related