The economy

I have no idea of economics really, and I didn’t know where to put this BUT:

Are the best days of Taiwan gone. What I mean is with the down turn in economy and the shifting of design, manufacturing etc to China, as well as western countries going straight to China to do business directly, not a worrying thing. Everybody in the world even the Taiwanese are looking to China for the future. This means less money rolling into the Taiwan economy, less jobs, less of a buzz. Will Taipei and Taiwan just fade out to

Yes, pretty much. :sunglasses:

Well that’s an epic grave dig. How did you even find this post?

Haha I like going back into the time machine to see if what some people were thinking back then happened or not.

Certainly all over Taiwan the 2000s were bad economically and the buzz did drop off very markedly, almost all western business people decamped to China for example.

Now Taipei has a bit more buzz in the 2010s due to Asian tourism more than anything, the rest of the country is mostly on a slow road to nowhere with pockets of optimism mostly being tourist and retirement areas again.