The effectiveness or otherwise of wearing masks

Hold it a second I thought she was from the Netherlands? Licensed in what…Quackery ?
She doesn’t even know that coronavirus and influenza virus are two different things. :rofl:

Let’s post it again :grin:

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Yes. From the Netherlands, working in Belgium. Is that unusual?

I would have thought this concept isn’t too foreign for a foreigner living in Taiwan.

The video claims she is representing the Netherlands . Bullshit quacks some group hired to spout shite.

Do all the other professionals who’ve signed “spout shite” too?

I decided to leave this thread for #2, and started a new thread for mask purchasing discussion:


Incidentally, SuiGeneris started a similar thread for that a couple of days ago after this discussion, in case you missed it. :slight_smile: (although I still don’t think that finding masks is a problem anymore)


I did!


It’s not exactly the same topic though.

An excellent article if a little sensatiolised title.
It should be ‘why is it so deadly for some’ but that doesn’t get as many clicks.

Unlike others here I actually know a few people who got covid and how serious it can be. My (not old or unhealthy ) friend also experienced the strange black bruises which are probably related to the blood clotting mentioned.

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Face masks: what the data say

Modeling COVID-19 scenarios for the United States

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Still around…

BTW, these printed masks are made in China. Puzzling, right?

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We hope to have an updated analysis using data from the 2nd and now 3rd wave of SARS-CoV-2 in this country soon

They say they will analyze the new data. Will some of earlier studies be denied by the 2nd and 3rd wave?

I’m guessing you don’t actually live in Taiwan. If you did you see the only thing that really sets Covid-free Taiwan apart from the rest of the pandemic ridden world is the fact that it’s the No. 2 manufacturer of medical-grade facemasks in the world and people here don’t have a phobia about wearing them. Before you launch into a lecture about Taiwan’s quarantine and tracking capabilities being better than any other country’s on the planet I actually experienced them firsthand in March and they’re full of holes. We can go into firsthand details if you like.

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this trial did not address the effects of masks as source control or as protection in settings where social distancing and other public health measures are not in effect.

the findings are inconclusive, with CIs compatible with a 46% decrease to a 23% increase in infection.

So, they got some results suggesting the consensus that
masks don’t reduce the risk of the wearers directly at all/so much/whatsoever degree is right.

Did he also remind people its potential harms, risks and disadvantages?

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" A proper surgical mask is usually made of three layers , including an outer hydrophobic non-woven layer , a middle melt-blown layer , and an inner soft absorbent non-woven layer" polypropylene

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Apologies I was referring to fabric content of most reusable PPE. Surgical masks are non woven yes