The effectiveness or otherwise of wearing masks

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They can’t keep up that is why the government wants us to leave N99s to doctors and nurses.
Production is in over drive.

what do you think about re-using masks? it is mentioned as a possibility in this CNA article:

What do you think about not using them at all?


I’ve been stretching my foreskin all day with the aim of pulling it over my head.

It’s environmentally friendly, biodegradable, and fun.


Ok there are 4 million plus in production. From those, 1.4 million are reserved for first line health responders. So yeah we’re kind of short.

They are going to open new production lines, hoping to boost to 7 million in a couple of weeks,as per the government.

Username checks out.


So are they mandatory on mrt and trains? If not, I can do without. If so, how is it even possible with all stores being sold out?

If you are still looking for masks, this link is quite helpful!

It shows the stocks in each convenience store that reported in the last 3 hours.
Here’s a screenshot:


Now that masks are officially being rationed and we’ve been advised not to wear them if not sick or not around sick people, seeing people wearing them when they don’t need to is starting to get on my nerves.

Situations where people are wasting surgical masks:

  1. Smokers. Pulling their mask down to have a smoke.

  2. Uncovered noses.

  3. Walking around outside.

  4. While driving a scooter.

  5. Pulled all the way down under the chin.

Perhaps public shaming / blaming would help people wake up. These situations are a complete waste of surgical masks.

The other thing I don’t get is people eating out. They wear a mask to the restaurant, but then take it off to eat…surrounded by dozens of other people with no masks. What, the virus is going to magically wait outside the restaurant?

Don’t waste masks!
Stay away from heavily populated places like tourist spots, shopping centers, restaurants etc. That would save a lot of masks.

My wife’s a bit of a germaphobe and is the kind who often wears masks in crowded places (like the MRT) anyway - so we usually have a couple of boxes of masks around the apartment. Usually I scoff at this, but now I’m relieved those boxes are there. (Please don’t doxx me, I don’t want gangsters coming to secure our stash.)

That relief is perhaps 10% from any degree of added safety those masks give me, and 90% from the apparent fact that we’re going to pretty much need to wear masks everywhere very soon.

I’m curious how things are going to work over the next week, with some voices telling us to be careful with how we wear masks, and what seems to be a general social expectation that masks should be worn everywhere.

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I don’t see this happening yet.
Plenty of people walking around unmasked.

The exception being mass transportation of course.

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There have been zero new cases for a week. As paranoid and gutless as Taiwanese may be even I don’t believe they can keep this up past this week. It’s like some sort of mass hysteria…

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I’m thinking about using cabbage leaves that naturally form to the face.

For those who may need it.

Hypothetical question…
I would assume using a passport number would not be recorded in some online verification system. The NHI cards can record when and where you got your mask so you can’t double up. But passports?

So what’s to stop someone from using their passport number to get multiple masks pharmacy to pharmacy?

Worse yet, locals paying foreigners or locals with dual citizenship to get more masks for them.

Hope they take that into consideration.

Wait, so maybe I could use my health card, AND my Canadian passport, AND my British passport, and rake in a decadent six masks per week?! Woo hoo!


If they aren’t tracking location, you could hypothetically go to multiple pharmacies. That would be messed up though, given the shortage.

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If true, this is excellent news.

Remember though that all the students are reporting back for school in February/March. As a bear would know, we’re not yet out of the woods.


They are still ironing out the details.