Novel coronavirus cases reignite SARS fears - the epidemic mess foretold

I start to think this guy is very questionable, I will not take everything as truth.

Burning all the fake stats / news reports maybe? Fake news is highly inflammable which is why there was a little explosion at the start.

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They were told that smoke kills the virus!

Burning corpses on pyres like firewood? A moment where true life imitates the art of The Walking Dead?

Can we start splitting up this thread into different topics? It’s getting a bit long to be useful.


There’s already been some effort at this, but you’re right, it’s definitely unwieldy. When I sort by “Replies”, this appears to be the second-longest thread we’ve ever had (after “Where is this? Pic Quiz: World”). Here are the threads I can find:

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ah shit, that means this thing is really out in the wild. Someone got past whatever quarantine/checks they had in place and took this guys’ cab, who knows how many people they came in contact with… or how many other people took the same cab in the meantime.
If I had to guess, I’d say this virus will either (a) cause a global shutdown (b) become the next plague ( c) become the next flu.
I think (d) “it stays mostly isolated to China, and other affected countries are successful in preventing outbreaks” is probably not possible now considering how things are going in Singapore, Thailand, and now Japan.

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Outside of China, it has a 0.3% mortality rate. It will not cause a global shutdown or become the next plague.


Just got info today from one of our supplier factories in China (Guangdong), that they plan to resume business on March 2nd. That means another additional 2 weeks of supply chain disruption.
(so far only this one factory confirmed the prolonged closure)


It seems some people aren’t happy unless they’re in a full apocalyptic-mode panic. This is really, really bad. But it’s not the Black Death or even the Spanish Flu. Silver lining is this will really f**** up Xi and the CCP for a long time to come. Of course many of those economic repercussions will trickle down to us as well…


Not very awesome

I swear I’m not in full apocalyptic mode (yet), no matter how I sound. (I think maybe I’m being influenced by my incredibly overdramatic family back in the old country who are freaking out more than anyone on this thread.) I was writing out what I, personally, see as the possible outcomes 6 months down the road. I guess ‘plague’ is overkill… part of me is always thinking of the worst-case scenario, though. I mean, 0.3% of the world’s population is still 22 million people.

I really, really liked the article/essay that Icon posted yesterday that basically outlined how the coronavirus outbreak shows all the weaknesses of the current Chinese government.


And everyone starts acting like it’s over in a few weeks.

8 more new cases in Singapore - total now stands at 58


The thread is like the virus, fast replicating, unpredictable, mutating and never ending.
One day the normality of a game of cricket on the village green may return but it is a long long way aways, if ever.


1st death in Japan confirmed. A woman and she did not come from the cruise


Also in Wuhan, China

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I hope he’s being well paid for this propaganda… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Like something from a Sci-Fi movie:

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What a spurting penis he is.

Plus he can’t even pronounce Wooooo-han.