ARC extension, new contract, health insurance and Coronavirus

Hello everyone. My last contract finished December 31 and they offered me a new one but after Chinese new year. Therefore I am now back doing a continuation of my old job–no probation.

My question is this: I got an extension of my ARC in December until April in December and extended health coverage (paying myself_ until end of February). Now with all the Corona business going on I want to delay getting a new ARC based on my job for a month or so until fears ease and it’s easier to go to clinics for routine things. But I will need to get an extension on health insurance until end of March. If I just go along and say I have new job but old extension ARC will they permit the one month extension? Is it better to say nothing about the job? I am working with public schools and currently there is no one around giving advice about new ARC (Corona fears, etc.).

Many thanks.

I assume your insurance means NHI. You have an extended ARC till April, then as far as you are in Taiwan on the ARC, NHI is mandatory.

I’m not sure what you mean by “extended health coverage until end of February”.

Well my employer paid until end of December but then the ARC ran out and I got a free 3 month extension. So I went to NHI and asked to keep the NHI paying myself until end of Feb. Now I am back in old job after 6 week break. I think you are not a part of NHI unless someone is paying–either employer or yourself.

I think what you did is not to extend the NHI coverage, but to change your NHI status. Iiuc, until someone changes your status again or your ARC is expired, your current NHI status continues.

Thanks. I hope you’re right as that would be a lot easier. But theree was a bill. Actually I believe someone needs to be paying your contributions–either you or employer.

They will send it to your address.

Though employers should enroll employees to NHI within 3 days from the start day, I think your school may need your work based ARC for that.

Yes, so thart is the problem to go back to the original question. My self paid contributions run out at end of February but agency is dragging its feet on ARC renewal as no staff around. What will they say if I ask for an extension of self pay until end of March? Maybe better not to say I have started work?

if “they” refers to NHI Administration, for them I think you are still on the extension ARC, and they know it is till April, so I think they will send the bill to your registered address, if nobody changes your NHI status.

Btw, you should apply for your new ARC within 30 days from the start date of your contract.

Okay that takes me through to early March. But when I visited the NHI office they specifically said they would bill me for January and February and send it to my address (not actually received). How serious would it be if that 30 day deadline is breached?

you may ask to them to resend the bill.

In chinese

If you don’t pay the bill by the deadline, penalty is 0.1% / day.

As for the March bill, it will be paid via the school, because your status will be changed by the end of March. The bio for a month should be paid by the unit you belong to at the last day of the month.

So I was thinking of going to see them. But no reason to do that if everything will be fine until end of March? Am I still covered in early March if–God forbid–I had a heart attack or something? I mean I might still have the extension ARC at that time. And also during the week or so of transition it gets to get a new ARC am I covered? Of course I will still have the health card.

Is there a way to ask them to resend the bill without physically going there?

Thanks for your help/

it is the link in my previous post. I guess Google translator would do enough work.

Thanks. What about the rest? Am I covered during those times or you are not sure?

I guess I would be covered during the transition and even for early March as I am now working (not sure about the latter).

But I assume that access is not stopped because of late payment?

Anyway, I will go to health office tomorrow. Hopefully that will make things clear.