The Effects of Removing All Politicians



So witty. Should we just get rid of politicians and go complete anarchy? All politicians are bad?

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In an age of instant mass communications we no longer even need politicians/middle men who promise us anything to get elected. That’s the saddest part.


So what are you saying? That we should get rid of all politicians?

I’m saying we don’t need middleman government any longer with today’s mass communications but we’re too myopic to see it.

Who will fix the roads? Private corporations?

Who runs the healthcare system?

Who helps people get passports? Who makes decisions about new laws and debates?

Who represents minorities and minority views?

Who sets the standards for food safety?

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:joy:. In America for-profit “non-profit” corporations, i mean “hospitals” and “healthcare networks” run the healthcare system. It’s going quite well for Americans. A broken bone can put an uninsured individual anywhere from 100k to millions of USD into debt! An insured new mother still pays thousands of dollars for childbirth, with important fees like “$2000 for having blood supply available if necessary” and “$400 to have someone standing by in case you drop your newborn”. These fees are important, as everyone knows hospitals don’t have blood banks or nurses, so you gotta pay extra for that service. No one wants the government controlling prices! It’s a violation of freedom!

As for roads, corporations certainly need the government to shell out the cash and build the roads that they’re going to put their tax dollar funded new factory/warehouse/creative center/headquarters on.

We live in Taiwan. No need for US Defaultism. And we’re talking about in general. The US’s problems are specific to the US. Are you agreeing that all politicians must be removed? If so, what shall we replace it with?

And this is the Taiwan Politics forum.

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Well, for Taiwan, without taxes, who’s going to build “The World’s Largest Duty Free Mall”, “The Largest Cinema Screen in Asia” and hundreds of schools built out of literal sand, which crumble before they’re done being built, yet somehow cost millions to build?

(Hint: it’s tax dollars)

I don’t get your point. You’re all over the place. Is there something wrong with the schools that removing all politicians would solve?

I didn’t say taxes. I said politicians.

I think you missed my enormous amount of sarcasm about the need for tax dollars funding tax-free or even tax-funded private business projects.

Anyone who thinks we don’t need to collect taxes and have government services doesn’t realize that most of what they have in their life was funded by tax dollars and democratic governments. If you don’t have politicians, who decides how to dole out those services?

Probably. The post was all over the place. I’m just confused. Not really sure what your point is TBH.

Was it? Sorry if it was.

My point to anyone who thinks governments are a problem clearly don’t put much thought into what governments do. You can contrast it to what would fill the void if we got rid of government: private equity. The government (politicians) have to answer to their constituents (and, sadly, lobbyists). They don’t answer, in a not-gerrymandered district, and they get voted out. They have an obligation to the people. To contrast, we have private equity. Their goal is to make as much money as possible and then kill off whatever it is they tried to take over. It ends in more dead elderly in elder care homes, less care for pets at the vet, respected brands becoming pieces of shit, and basic things like plumbing and roads falling into disrepair (see the news on what happened to all the trailer parks out there in past few years). We also have things like airlines, which do dumb shit like make people sit on the tarmac for 15 hours without food or water cuz they didn’t plan their take offs very well. No longer, that’s against the law now, cuz politicians agreed that it’s not ok to make people just sit around on the tarmac if you’re not going to take off! That’s because when markets are allowed to do what they want, they become monsters. My dollar voting only goes so far. My vote for or against a politician goes much farther. If only I had that right in Taiwan…