The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

Yes, this is a recent change. It’s quite good, I’m still not sure I believe it myself :smiley:


The caveat seems to be that the application for the APRC is only possible after three years of Gold Card validity. By then, the original Gold Card will already have expired.

So some sort of extension seems to be needed in either case unfortunately.

Thanks @qwert_zuiop for digging this out :grinning: It’s good news indeed.

Just to be the devil’s advocate as always. When I changed into the new ARC number back in May, I also received a new Gold Card. While the date of expiry remained (obviously) the same, the date of issue was changed to May 2021. Will NIA be aware of my original date of issue (and not the one printed on my card) when I apply for APRC? :thinking:

Yes they will be aware, it’s the date of issue for your initial Gold Card. When you change your address, passport number or apply for the new UI No then the issue date on the card will change but that is not the date taken into consideration when calculating your total residency period.


I got an email for a supplmental documents required. This is what it says,

'“Please provide your CV: It should include the applicants including scope of work, achievement and performance, etc.”

Scope of work- is this like a job Duty Statement describes the overall intent or purpose of your position in detail? If so, I have this from my employeer already.

Performance - Is this like a work performance review document? If so, I have this also as I just got my review at work 3 months ago.

Achievement - What should i send them here? I already sent them my school diplomas, my thesis, 2 presentation posters that were presented at professional conferences. Not sure what else they want here??

Any help appreciated. This is my first time applying for the Gold Card so I want to give them all required documents. Thank you!!

They just mean that you need to talk about what you did, how well you did it, and what you achieved in the jobs on your CV

You need to prepare your own CV, not more documents from your employer or anyone else

Thanks, I was unaware what a ‘CV’ was since in the U.S. mainly people use resumes. Seems like a ‘CV’ is a glorified resume.

Does anyone know how to join the Gold Card Line group? I’m aware there is a FB group however as I’m still at the passport stage waiting for inspection, not sure if I qualify to join.

I think you need to get the gold card first then register through this form with a picture of the card. Maybe @fifieldt can tell you more.

Be advised it’s quite chatty though (too chatty IMO, by at least an order of magnitude, and several previous efforts to make it less so haven’t really worked). There’s also a Slack group that seems more focused. Depends what you’re looking for, I guess.

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Anybody know if we can pick-up our Gold Cards from the immigration office in Taiwan during our 7 day self-health management period after being released from quarantine?

Can finally announce this :slight_smile: You won’t believe how many stamps was on this document when it was finally approved.

If you are stuck at the passport processing step, or you already have your gold card but your family is stuck overseas, and you have an urgent need to enter Taiwan … the Gold Card Office can now help.

If you or your family has an urgent need to enter Taiwan, are fully vaccinated, and are not from a high Covid risk country, please email with full names (as stated on passport) of yourself and your family, your passport numbers , the city of your local TECO , and your urgent reason for entering Taiwan.


I just picked up my gold card and wanted to share my experience. Timeline:
Aug 31 - Applied under Science & Technology (salary sub-category)
Sep 1 - Inspection by National Investigation Agency (NIA)
Sep 2 - Review by the Workforce Development Agency (WDA)
Sep 3 - I provided a better scan of one document to WDA
Sep 7 - Consulting with Ministry of Science and Technology
Sep 11 - Review by the WDA
Sep 13 - Review by NIA
Sep 14 - Approved (IC Card in Process)
Sep 15 - Completed

The approval was fairly quick but it required a lot of preparation. @yixianosaurus help me a lot with the documents and clarified the thousands of questions I had. I really recommend her, especially if you want to save time and maximize the chances of getting your gold card approved! Also thanks to my friend @irish91 for introducing me to the gold card community.


Do you guys think the suspension of the passport verification for overseas applicants would be extended further?

It’s not really urgent, I just wanted to escape winter.

That is great to hear! We had to give up our plans to go to Taiwan last year because of time concerns. Hopefully this will be very helpful to many other families.

Which city/country you are in? Is all passport inspection has been halted on all oversea TECO?

I was just informed by my local TECO that they will not inspect my passport and process my visa because foreigners cannot enter Taiwan without an ARC. They even called back to Taiwan to confirm. I thought Gold Card gave you ARC…

Might get a Taiwanese friend to call up as there was a bit of an english barrier.

As far as I know some overseas TECO are still doing passport inspection and NIA in Taiwan is also giving out gold cards.

My friend just received “the Resident Authorization Certificate” (for picking up GC in Taiwan later).

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The admin of the Gold Card Facebook group just posted the following statement in reply to a question.

(having issues with the screenshot so I will just copy the relevant part)
"[…] To bridge the gap (approx. two weeks) between your card expiring and attaining the APRC, you have two options:

  1. Apply for a new gold card before 3 months your current one expires
  2. Apply for a 6-month extension ARC (Note: You cannot work on this extension without previously obtaining a separate work permit)"

It seems to confirm that the 6-month extension will not make us lose the “Special Foreign Professional” status and allow for an APRC application after 3 years with the extension acting as a bridge. Did I get it right? @fifieldt

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Do you mind share which city/country TECO your friend got the passport inspection?

Excellent, thanks for the tip! Just sent an e-mail off to this address last night with the requested info, and hopefully things can start moving again!