The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

I too was convinced of that but the TW office was equally insistent that they needed to see the legalised medically certified proof before issuing a resident visa (sticker in passport) including covid special entry permission. I think they did not fully understand the pdf thing at that time, spring 2020. Things may have moved on since then. I do believe it was helpful at the airport check in because the agent was searching in great detail for that particular statement to satisfy the checklist of requirements before issuing boarding pass

I don’t know what they did in the past, but now they aren’t issuing stickers in passports for Gold Cards. The resident authorization certificate you print from online is a single-use entry visa. It specifically says on the document that it is used for entering Taiwan and it includes your ARC number.

I (finally!) arrived two weeks ago with nothing but the printed resident authorization document (and obviously passport+PCR test+hotel booking). Showed it to the airline staff in London and to the immigration officer in Taoyuan airport.

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Ahh, yeah, them not being aware of your appointment seems really unprofessional.

So, it turns out that the issue causing my payment to be rejected was not, as I suspected, because I was using a debit card instead of a credit card, but because of a simple bug on their end. I’ve now paid and I’m hoping all goes smoothly. The removal of the economics “loophole” has me worried that I might have missed the boat on this opportunity, but I’ve satisfied all of the requirements they list on their website for science and technology, so hopefully that’s enough…

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what was that loophole?

New data point. My mom applied for the gold card through education (holding a PhD from a top 500 university). She applied on 5/5 and was moved to passport submission today, 5/13. So 8 days. This is the way to go if you qualify lol

that anyone earning a 160k NT salary per month could qualify.

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@FatKaz is probably referring to the fact that applying for GC under Economy until mid last year (or somewhere around that) only considered the applicant’s salary and not the field of specialty.


Well, according to the site

it’s sufficient to meet one criterion under ”economy”and the first one listed is the 160k salary

But the salary must be “at an economic company or in an economic field”.

The “loophole” earlier was that it could be at any kind of company, as long as it was over 160K.

If it is not clear enough from all of our responses, to spell it out:

Previously, anyone making 160k/month in salary could qualify under economy, whether you worked as a writer at a newspaper or a driver at a tour company. They actively funneled all applicants to the “economy” category who didn’t fit under one of the other categories. Finally they closed that loophole, requiring people to apply only if they fit one of those fields, including economy (which was defined as specific industries that are important to Taiwan’s economy)

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Though it seems to be rather vague what exactly counts as “economy” now. Some people even seem to be redirected back and forth between two categories…

So, I received an email from the Gold Card office saying I must provide additional information. The email itself doesn’t tell me what the additional information is, but the application has the following comment in Chinese that I don’t understand (and which Google Translate isn’t being very helpful with):

之前有ARC 把統一證號輸入

If it’s asking me to provide my old ARC number (and I’m not sure why it would), there doesn’t appear to be anywhere to provide this information.

Also, the “Method of Collection” can’t be changed from “In person (in Taiwan)” and I’m only able to select a “Location of Collection” in Taiwan. I assume there should be an option to collect it from a local representative office?

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Ouch. Better call/email/message the Gold Card office and ask what you can do?

I’ve tried calling them today and last week and they never pick up the phone. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll see if there’s anyone I can email.

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This correct for the system to disallow the option to collect the Gold Card overseas. See the Gold Card Special Announcement

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You tried this number, right?

Ah, that phone number is different to the one they put under the application! But thanks! They picked up the phone straight away.

So it turns out that I needed to provide my old ARC number. Fortunately, I was able to dig it out in an old email.

Puzzlingly, they ask you to provide the ARC number in a field called “UI number (optional)” (or something like that). But it’s done now. :slight_smile:


This is very important information for me, in that I also had an old ARC number from years ago that I will have to dig up. Thanks for this.


My status just changed back to “Review by the Workforce Development Agency” from “Consulting with Ministry of Science”.

Does anyone know if this is good or bad?

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