The Employment Gold Card Super-Thread

Thanks, @Olm. Yep, I’m an old lady now. At least twenty years older than when I was there for the first time. I remember thinking then how much I loved ti, but probably wouldn’t when I got older. Then, I was thinking of things like all the dang stairs and the amount of walking required.

Now I’d say that I was right about that! But there are more important issues. Like the Upside down direction the US is taking for one, but more importantly, like my baby boy growing up and missing Taiwan.

I don’t think it will be a great choice for him, maybe. He’s still deathly allergic to sea food, for one, and will have to spend some time earnestly studying Mandarin. And I’m not sure NTU will offer the best choices for studies.

I think he just misses the island, like so many of us, and maybe just a nice long visit after high school will hold him for a while. But if his heart is really there, there’s no way I’m going to let him stay there while I’m over here in Crazy Town.

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Further on the tax breaks for salaries above TWD3 million, the tax bureau sent this helpful flowchart to my company last week:


I lack time to translate fully, but essentially the information is the same as the guesses in this post. It doesn’t address the inconsistency @hooraytaipei mentioned here. Crudely: gold card → first time employed for work → not a tax resident in the past 5 years → stayed more than 183 days, salary greater than 3 million → etc

However, we’ve now got a new phone number to call for questions in the tax office. (02) 2968-3569 #258 Miss Xu. Note that this letter was sent to companies, rather than individuals, so they likely would expect questions from an employer.

Interesting. Can you or anyone confirm gold card tax benefit apply even if it’s not your first year in Taiwan?

I just got my gold card in 2019 and will try to see if I can get the tax benefit, even though 2018 was my first year working in Taiwan.

My reading of the tax bureau regulations is you would have to have been a student, or on some other non-work visa (joining family?) that doesn’t involve income. Probably also having stayed for less than 183 days each year in the past five years.

However, according to @hooraytaipei 's research on the law, the tax bureau is misinterpreting the law and all gold card holders are eligible by virtue of having a gold card.

So, if someone’s up for a legal battle of the kind that may rest on the position of a comma . . .

If you are applying to get an Employment Gold Card, do you need to take a health check? My wife did not, and my company is saying that I need to. I’ve spent some time searching online but I cannot find a definitive answer.

As far as I understand: no. I didn’t see any mention of that anywhere around the gold csrd.

At least the government seems not to require it when you apply on your own, from Taiwan. Noone who got it mentioned this.

If you apply through an employer, they might ask other things from you, maybe just for themselves.

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The English version seems to be down right now, here is the Chinese version of that contact list:

I’m wondering if it makes sense to ask anyone if the application seems stuck at “Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency” since almost 4 weeks…

Yeah, that seems long enough to enquire.

Looks like now the English version works again:

I called the “Ministry of Labor” contact under the gold card section (Mr. Huang (02)2380-1720). Someone else who received the call directed me to another person not listed on the website, who confirmed that yes she is the correct person to ask about this kind of progress questions (if the status is stuck at “Professional Review by Workforce Development Agency”). In most cases this status means they are waiting for the review result from another ministry. In my case actually I just could have waited another 1 or 2 days and would have gotten a message either way :wink:

PS: Not sure if it’s cool to post unpublished names and telephone numbers here, so I’d suggest to simply calling the number above. Maybe nicely ask if the person answering speaks English and state your question, and then you’ll also be directed to the correct person. Everyone there was very kind and helpful - perfect.


Hi I’m struggling to understand just how much less tax we pay with this?

If you earn over 4.5 million, how much tax do you pay on that?

I know you get 50% reduction, but isn’t the progressive tax rate 40% for foreigners earning over 4.5 mill? So you still end up paying 20% tax?

I find it helps to think in terms of total income.

So, 3 million “counts” as 3 million.
Above that level, income only “counts” as half. Your income of 4.5 million is assessed as 3.75 million, since the 1.5 million above the threshold counts as if it were 0.75 million…

Rough example:

  • Income: 6 million NTD
  • Tax paid without Gold card: 1,442,400 (effective rate 24%)
  • Tax paid with Gold card: 877,400 (effective rate 14%)

(above estimates includes 120k standard deduction and 200k special deduction for wages, based on the calculator)

Someone please check my math!

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I only wish that I was still paying a million ntd tax :cry:

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You’re welcome to pay mine if you like. :sunglasses:


Have a question about Taiwan’s new Gold Card program. I satisfy one of the qualifications for the card based on monthly income in a technology field. I have completed an application for the card from abroad but not paid for it yet. There is a note in the application that if denied the ~8000NT fee will not be refunded. I am unclear as to what would cause an application to be denied though. I objectively meet at least one of the qualifying criteria and have no criminal record and have never had past visa overstays, etc. Am I good? ~8000NT is fine for an application fee, but if it’s unclear whether or not the application will be accepted, it’s a lot to throw away.

No one in this forum will be able to give you a definite answer on this. In principle, if you meet all requirements, your application should not be declined. If you have any specific questions or concerns, get in touch with the office that handles these applications.

Thanks. I did submit a question to them through the website but hadn’t heard back. Thought someone here might have had some experience of their own with the application to relate, though I know it’s new.

Reviving this thread as the employer is looking to apply for Employment Gold Card.

Does the salary requirement is still 47,971 NTD?

for this card, its 160,000ntd.
Oops, sorry I might confuse this with other card.

No, I didn’t.

aha, is it regardless of industries that were stated by the central govt?

You can read the above thread ("Employment gold card" for some foreigners), and linked site there.

The central govt for your field may be Ministry of Culture. You can directly ask them whether you are eligible or not before you apply for the card.