The end of democracy thread

Define coffin ?


Take my money!

And here’s the fundamental problem with democracy; most people

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RCP: Why Does ‘Election Denier’ Apply Only to 2020?

At some point we may start to acknowledge that both parties are responsible in some measure for the challenges we face in our polity. And at some point we might begin to address those challenges. But we won’t be able to do that if we cannot even agree on what words mean.

That and the lawyer thing about “or.”

Simply because I say or do or believe one thing doesn’t mean I fit into a much much larger thing.

the article didn’t give a source, so not a lot of context, but there are obvious reasons they (cbs) would limit the definition to 2020 - the context appears to specifically regarding politicians running who believe in debunked claims about the 2020 election. Someone questioning the 2000 Bush election or Putin’s election isn’t particularly relevant.

The problem becomes who’s going to take their power away once they’ve usurped democracy?

Let’s assume the Republicans win. They install all their lackeys in all the different states. They replace all those people watching over free and fair elections with their own. They change the laws to make all of this legal.

They have successfully gerrymandered the system to make sure they’re the only party that can get a majority.

Who comes along and removes all of this? Experience in other places shows that it can take a generation for the people to finally vote in enough numbers to remove them.

But perhaps numbers isn’t how it really happens. Maybe it takes 20 years for that tiny little group of people that profited off everyone else to be outweighed by community outrage. Because they aren’t sharing in the spoils.

During Trump’s announcement he went on about his good friends. In North Korea, Russia, and Iran. Maybe he calls the Taliban his friends too? Who knows. They probably write lovely letters.

Unfortunately in the US the end result to one party rule would be civil war. That’s really the only endpoint to this kind of failure of democracy.

So what laws would you like the Democrats to bring in in order to prevent this from happening?

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I find this to be part and parcel for Trump’s rhetoric. “My friend” is how many people from many countries around the world introduce people socially or publicly.

It’s a verbal tic he has, for sure, but doesn’t mean he’s in their pockets any more than Biden is in the bag for Burisma.

Sorry, but Bob Woodward can fuck right off. He’s just as much a yellow journalist as the rest of them.

Maybe. But he comes highly recommended by many ( his books were very specifically recommended to me by a holder of the distinguished intelligence medal as providing good insight).

oh, that, and he apparently has the letters dictated.

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Trump is difficult to read from the page, though. I found it really fun to listen to him speak, from a linguistic perspective. He’s hilarious. Was, really. Now he just sounds like bitch,

My main annoyance with the way he speaks is that he’s such a whiny motherfucker.

I hear you. Pelosi in my ears is like hornets on my dork.

It could be, but that’s never said. It’s generally framed as an aversion to democracy itself and not specific objections to elections (even if debunked according to some). The Bush election proceeded legally too. Trump’s 2016 election proceeded legally but has often been denied. I’m not convinced things are so cut and dry here.

certainly not in the article that doesn’t specifically reference the definitions they’re taking issue with so we.lack context. :wink:

What do you want to be defined?

Why the wink after context?

I guess we can look at Russia as an example. Putin loves crowing about how he won all those free and fair elections. Maybe in the beginning he did. There was a lot of criticism of the last couple of elections and the last one was fairly widely recognized as rigged.

Most of the population have become apathetic towards politics. Mostly because they’re struggling to keep food in their mouths and a roof over their heads. And they rightly assume that their vote no longer matters.

With Putin’s war against Ukraine people were basically turned into criminals for simply criticizing what was going on. When Putin announced his call up it was reported that police officers were handing out conscription notices at protests and at police stations to those that were arrested.

Putin knocks two birds on the head at the same time. He gets rid of those most likely to rise up against him argues for a greater Nationalist sentiment (by controlling the narrative).

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