The end of the deep end

A very interesting article here that applies life everywhere.

The End Of The Deep End
The swimming pool as you know it is no more, and the childhood rite of passage will never be the same

By Mark Morford, San Francisco Gate News Internet Columnist … 070903.DTL

comments? can you relate?

The AP article that spawned this column. … DT0617.DTL

Jesus, man, instead of posting so many damn boring outdated links, why not actually read some of the posts. If you did, you’d soon notice that this topic has already been discussed in depth not two weeks ago. How come you get so easily suckered into thinking that the latest mulch churned out by some cynical hack actually says something new? Are you REALLY so wide-eyed and uncritical? You really are a child sometimes laddie. :unamused:

sandie, can you direct me to the “topic has already been discussed in depth not two weeks ago”? I’d love to read it. Thanks.

He should be rapped over the knuckles with a metal rule. Oh, my fond memories of a year in a Scottish school. :cry:

No. I can’t be bothered. Do a search. Several posters were discussing the excessive safety concerns for today’s kids – try looking for Fredericka Bimmel’s posts. And DON’T pee on the rug. I’ve told you before.

Sandman, someday soon you will wake up in Scotland and all this will be but a mere memory, and then you will realize you need to relax more. RELAX, laddie!

And don’t go swimming in the deep end, whatever you do.

Sandman, i searched far and wide on this forum and could not find one thing about any discussion of the topic i posted. maybe you were posting and reading a different website forum, not this one. before you fire your missles, look first. if anyone can direct me to the threads sandman was referring to, please do. i’ve looked and found nothing. maybe he just doesn’t like the sound of my name>?

Formosa, maybe not everything that flits in front of your eyeballs is fodder for the forums. Maybe you could save some of your discoveries for Tealit or something. Maybe you need to take a cyber sabbatical. A vow of silence is probably too much to hope for. Don’t you ever take a hint?

You do read widely and you have a reasonably good eye for stories. But you really have been on a new thread posting spree recently.

For example::
“Mom, Pepsi, milk…”
Writer offers sexual services to ‘gain erotic experience’
Did the Iranian twins commit a kind of suicide?

How about channeling your energies and seemingly endless amount of time for surfing and start your own blog?

24 days and counting.

[quote=“sandman”][quote]Sandman, someday soon you will wake up in Scotland [/quote]4 days and counting.[/quote]You can shut up too :imp: