The "evil Han" -- just thought I'd point out

and maybe I don’t know that much of Chinese, but I am learning it, and I find dificult to know how to tell some words, mainly becoming impossible to someone to understand me. Even to try to say street names over here.[/quote]

This is exactly why you need to shut up about how the Chinese language should be improved.

Apparently you neither read linguistic works on the language nor know how to use it. What do uou base all your arguements on? on your inability to learn the language?

The above comment is absolutely relevant to the discussion at hand – calling someone out who is way over his head and who then admits that he has very very little idea of what it is he’s talking about. Why was it temped?

It seems to me that if a well argued post is made by a mainlander, that post has a good chance of getting temped. It also seems to me that if one or more of the mainlanders who post on this site post strong arguments in a thread and the pro-TI lot don’t come up with a strong response, then that thread just might get locked.

As we say, discuss the message and not the messenger. The temp’ed post above offers nothing but an attack ‘to the man’.

Marvin is calling Mr. boogie in the fact that he’s posting on the chinese language without knowing much about it.

OK, he may have worded it a bit crudely, however his post and the sentiments espressed in it were pretty much on topic.

I can’t see why this was tempted, his point was very valid.

I agree, Marvin makes a valid point. Mr. Boogie shouldn’t be talking about the Chinese language if he can’t even speak or write it.

there is an undeniable “pastel green” slant to how TP is moderated… always has been it seems…
it’s a pity, but the TI lot really need the help and to be honest it is only slightly biased…

People talking out of their ass, opinions everywhere on topics they have no background in, armchair generals telling us how the war should be won? here in Forumosa? Tell me something I don’t know.

On that note, I’m with Marvin, I’m definitely gonna ignore someone who criticizes a language based on his ignorance. This is so like many N.Americans who never leave their safe, comfortable place, and disregard all things unknown and foreign. It’s called xenophobia. Come back in 4-5 years when you can at least have a decent conversation in Chinese, or translate a document, or read parts of the zuo zhuan.

Can’t see the flagrant foul in that post. Maybe a bit blunt and not very friendly, but a valid point nonetheless.

Huh? This is the temp forum? :s

Looks to have been moved, wouldn’t you say?

Sure, as a bit of feedback on a moderating decision was added in, I decided to move it to the feedback forum.