The fastest way to CKS Airport

Assuming I was going somewhere for the weekend - be it Cebu, Hong Kong or Macau, what would be the fastest way to get to the airport from Taichung?

Take the Aloha or Greyhaunt, they are catering buses, they might have a route to the airport.

The Guoguanghao buses from the the bus station directly next to the train station are as good as any now - certainly better than the last Feigou bus I went on. Most long-distance bus/coach companies have a direct route to the airport and I don’t think that one is significantly quicker than another. Perhaps which company has an office/stop closer to your house should be a consideration.

Fly, and then get a taxi ?

Have you inquired about one-way car rentals?


express train to chungli then taxi it. buy your train ticket in advance. can’t fathom anthing being quicker.