The Filthy Four _Filthy Freedom Summer Tour '06

For those of you who care to know:

We got bikes and gear.
As I write this Mouldy Marvin and Stnky Finger are in Las Vegas headed to LA with two bikes on a trailer. We are going to do some last minute shopping and insurance purchasing from AAA.

We are meeting for dinner here in LA then an evening of drinking and bimbos.

I got a tank bag, saddle bags, moto boots, Joe Rocket Jacket, gel gloves, a Nolan Full/open face helmet (it flips up) a cruise controller for the long streches, a gorilla bike alarm, light tents and mats from REI.

Husker Du has a 1000cc Yamaha F1, sport tourer, Mouldy got a 600 Kantana, Stinky has his CBR 600 and I bought…

well the guy with the VFR 800 called me 2 hours after I purchased it, he WAS asking 4500USD for a '99–nice bike, but I instead I got…

a '03 CbR600RR!!! Thanks Fastlane cycles in Huntington Beach,Ca. those guys were Hotrod! A Huge warehouse setup, full garage, a roof filled with beat up bikes, rooms full of parts, 25 bikes on his floor,tequila bottles on the desks, pit bulls walking around, the owner Harry is into pit fighting with Tank Abbot’s team.

This bike is sweet and it has a gel seat, I’ve ordered Heli lifters for the bars which will be sent east so half the trip will be in a slight hunch…I got it for 5,00USD…only 3,000 miles on it. Crap I couldn’t pass it up-plus I will trade it in for a VFR in the future.

I took it for a ride and it really is one of the best performing bikes I’ve ridden. My Blade would knock it’s balls off in acclerating and braking but then again my Blade has a power commander after market pipe and no restricter etc…

I send updates for you guys. First stop Big Sur on the Cali coast, then Occidental, Ca near Santa Rosa all driven up HWY 1. Then Elko, Reno…

Fort Dix,New Jersey here we come!!!

Good stuff, but why did you chose to do your tour on a 600RR over a VFR?..Although the VFR may not be the track machine the 600RR is, it’s an ideal sports tourer that offers comfort and a good dose of sportability…anyways, if your back and knees are up to the task, the 600RR will be one heck of an experience to ride across the States!

Ride safe and keep us updated if you can!



Any chance you could post up a travel map so we can see where you are headed? I’m sure there are others here who did alot of cross-country riding back home and might be able to pipe in with backroad suggestions, places to stay etc…There is also the added bonus of forumosan relatives living back in the world…

Plus some of us (me especially) are just damn jealous and want to enjoy the trip third person.

Big Sur…Sweet. The State campground there is nice…Good fishing, crawdads and wild boar at night.

Where to next? The Sierras? You could hook up with Durins Bane, who is on the edge of the western foothills in the east side of the San Joaqin Valley, and then head into the Kings Canyon National Park or head up towards Mammoth and then Yosemite…Jeez, the possibilities are endless.

Keep us posted…And if you run into any difficulties, let us know. There are at least 10 native Californians on forumosa, and if their relatives are anything like mine, they’ll only be too happy to help out if you guys need something.

Have a fantastic trip you bastards… :notworthy: :sunglasses:

Hey—hang over at 7:30 am and all the little filthy bikers are fast asleep.

Mouldy has a 750 Kantana not a 600…we are going to Occidental CA near Sant Rosa after Big Sur. I have a friend who lives on 17 acres of redwood up there.

I got a “cramp buster” and a cruise controller seem okay for the trip.

I decided after a short ride yesterday that I wouldn’t be wearing my expensive moto boots, going to buy a cheap pair of boots at Wallmart like I ride with in Taiwan.

Why not the VFR? There wan’t one available in a 200 mile radius that was cheap enough to buy. Would have loved to buy this '99 but the guy was away all week for 4th of July.

I’m too hung over to post a map. Maybe a Good Samaritan can help me.

We have some stuff to do this morning before we leave.

I’ll post again in Occidental.


Be safe! Enjoy!


Mouldy Marvin has gone AWOL. He’s gone off on his own in a huff after a minor disagreement on HWY 9–a beautiful ride I might add.

We are off to Elko,Nevada on Interstate 80. We spent a great day in SF riding the roller coaster streets and oogling the women. Riding over the Golden Gate Bridge was cold-windy and exciting.

Mouldy might meet up with us later–hope so he has all the tools!!

So Mouldy’s gone off? Bummer.


Jeez, that didn’t take long…

Sure hope you are taking pics.

For those of you who care. I’m in Pennsylvania–Husker Du and Stinky went to New York and I to the Chesapeake Bay for sailing and sun. I split with the boys in Indianapolis–so then there was one–and rode 620 miles to Maryland in one interesting night. The Penn Turn Pike 76 was a wild twisting down hill, foggy, wet windy slippery, speeding truck infested two lane road of death. Reminded me of Taiwan actually. Rode into West Virginia and into Baltimore on an insane foggy South 70. I was hallucinating as i passed over the Annapolis Bridge-didn’t pay any tolls since I don’t have any plates on my bike. It was a long ride-my longest single ride ever.

Quick Highlights: Went to Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah-too salty for the bikes riding 100 MPH for an hour and a half, lost Husker Du in Wyoming-found him in Idaho Falls,Idaho after a nice cop checked him into a motel that happened to be across the street from the one Stinky and I were staying in. We had to ride from Jackson Hole, Wyoming to Idaho Falls because stinky’s tire was going bad. I caught the owner of a Yamaha dealership closing his doors for the weekend and got stinky a tire which we changed in the parking lot of a Wal Mart propping the front tire up with a mallet.

Almost hit a herd of Buffalo coming out of Yellowstone at night-spotted there eyes glowing in my headlights, slept in the forest in the rain in Montana after partying with drunken screaming violent rednecks. Iowa tornado warnings and lightining storms, heavy winds in South Dakota/Minnesota-should have rigged a sail to my bike. It’s no fun getting blown into the oncoming lane on a bridge. Went to Sturgis-two weeks early for the big rally. Hitting road kill and getting sprayed with rotten flesh, tailgating truckers, huge ripped truck tires lying in the road like black pythons. Meth-head tweekers and drunk indians, ex-biker mamas and Taiwanese hotel owners. Polish women on work exchanges in the middle of No Where, South Dakota. Falling in love with Mexican waitresses and lonely doe-eyed corn-fed female gas station attendants. Eating jelly beans and No Doze to stay awake.

Heading west, should be in LA in a few days.

The CBR is doing well-getting new tires on it tomorrow and an oil change. Heading out for North Carolina for the Dragon’s tail for a rip down that.

Good Things:
Using a race collar- really saved my neck. Joe rocket Ballistic Jacket is awesome. Using a plastic tube bought at hardware store into a water bottle to stay hydrated. My $40 Wall Mart boots-great.
the '05 CBR 600 F4i (which is what I’m riding not an '03 as I hastily wrote before)-will one day be in the Honda hall of fame. Hoping to write to them to tell them of my ride. Maybe they’ll give me some free stuff.
Should have gotten: Custom seat, Double-Bubble windscreen, better helmet (I’m using a Nolan) with a fighter pilot type open face, the front face touches my chin and it does get noisy over 70MPH.
More time off. Fuel injection is great in the twisties bad in the long stretches. I go through gas quickly if not careful .

Write more in a few days. The South is calling.

whilst I’ve been checking this thread for updates, petty jealousy of your epic trip has kept me from replying until now… you bastard… :smiley: … that sounds like one of those trips that rises above the rest as an epic adventure that was meant to be, sounds fantastic… seems like it’s keeping to the standard bike trip mix of 60% plain sailing, 20% living hell and 20% unadulterated two wheeled nirvana… Glad the CBR is doing well, you should pick up a double bubble screen if you pass by a Honda shop, it’ll be well worth it given the miles you’ve still got to do, especially if your lid isn’t 100% and less wind blast/buffeting makes for much less tiring progress… Hopefully you’ll be able to find your mate with the tools again!..

keep safe and keep posting… hope you’re taking photos too… :sunglasses:

Got back yesterday to Taiwan after riding from Flagstaff, Arizona to LA (over 400 miles) then jumped on a plane 3 hours later for Taiwan from LAX.

After Pennsylvania—I got new tires and an oil change I just used Pilots which are road racing tires since the incompetent Honda dealership (I found them all to be understocked and unhelpful) didn’t have harder tires. They were fine and lasted well after 5 days and 4,000 miles. We rode to Asheville, North Carolina one of my favorite cities in the US and birthplace of writer Thomas Wolfe. We left Asheville early heading for Deal’s Gap A.K.A (The Dragon’s Tail)

All along the way we were warned how hard it would be- 319 turns in 11 miles etc.
Some bikers would just shake their heads look at the ground and say, “It’s incredible”
others would say. “My buddy crashed there…etc.”

I was stoked but warned my Taiwanese friend Husker Du to take it slow—numerous times. Everyone in the area seemed to know where we were headed to.

Even the ride up to Deal’s Gap was fun, sweeping downhill turns and the great Appalachian mountains that I love so well. I got the boys to sit down to a southern meal, catfish, hush puppies, sweet tea in a pitcher put on the table.

We crossed a metal bridge (cement road) which was rated as one of the country’s most beautiful bridges.

It was very picturesque and the the other two stopped for pictures often.
I figured I’d store the whole thing in my memory and took off ahead to ride this baby.
With the luggage on and 150 miles on the odometer that day I was hesitant to go knee scrapping with “Buttercup” but I did push it a bit and was laughing in my helmet as my new tires stuck to the road.

The pavement was in great condition though there were grass clippings from where someone had recently cut the grass next to the road.

How to explain it?

Well nothing in my previous 20+ years of riding was able to prepare me for it.
It swooped, it banked, dropped, dipped, cut back and carreened in such an unusual way that previous experience couldn’t have helped me. My fastest speed was 70 MPH but most of the turns were 20MPH marked and were comfortable at 40MPH-60MPH. I saw a few guys coming the opposite direction aprroaching 100MPH.

I thread the clutch a few times, used mostly the back brake in my approaches (since my front rotars were not very good on that bike because of an accident from the previous owner) and did a few no clutch shifts in the lower speeds.

My riding my 954 to Hua Lien in the rain and the horrible roads in Taiwan did help me a bit. Getting a Blade to perform in some of the turns in Taiwan is like threading a 360 pound needle. I rode up to a midway point where they had restaurant and a motel for motorcycles. I pulled a very un-Bubba-like show off wheelie- luggage and all - before stopping, acting like a 16 year old on his first bike in front of a Catholic girl’s highschool.

Whew not so bad I thought. “I might do that again” I thought to myself, until I found out I was only half done!

There was an assorted crew of guys and gals at the restaurant. I chatted with a few. There was a big fat guy with a New York accent on a yellow Gold Wing who was videotaping people’s rides (for a fee of course) when I told him that I rode the CBR from Long Beach,CA. he just sort of grunted unimpressed as if to say “Big deal, I ride a yellow Goldwing up Deal’s Gap everyday.”

The Harley riders kind of rumbled into the restaurant staring at the sport bikers who passed them on the way in disbelief. Probablly wishing they had worn helmets and bought cheaper, better performing bikes.

I waited for the other two shutterbugs…and waited…and waited. Until I knew something was wrong. I tore down the moutain the way I had come.

The first moment I realy knew something was wrong was that Husker Du’s bike didn’t have a windscreen or mirrors.

He ate it in a sharp turn doing 40MPH. Stnky said that Husker was looking down at his camera in his lap!!! Taiwanese tourists and motorcycling don’t mix!!

He hit a guard rail pretty hard, bent his fairing, cracked the front fender, lost the mirrors and windscreen and scrapped up the sides well. The frame sliders saved the cases. The triple tree was jarred loose and the front rim might have been bent slightly.

He was brusied and sore but he had been wearing shin guards, a race collar, boots, heavy pants, a riding jacket and proper racing gloves he also bought a good helmet since his crappy Penguin helmet broke and we had to zip tie it to his head for 6 hours.

They have a 70 ft. tall tree up there called the “Tree of Shame” with bike parts from all the accidents over the years hanging from it. We hung one of Husker’s mirrors up and took pictures. After that Husker rode differently.

(read the next episode of the Filthy Three–Rain storms in Arkansas, Husker Goes Missing in Memphis, Bubba visits Graceland, Shooting guns at a gas station in Oklahoma, Stinky hits an Elk , Mojave Desert riding in the afternoon.)

Well done and definetly a good read…But you can’t keep going without any PICS! :discodance:

Agreed. I’m also glad the inevitable stack wasn’t too costly. By thwe way, my money was on Stinky putting it down the road.



In the desert, New Mexico Indian reservation.
“I always felt that it in the desert, it doesn’t matter if no one loves you.”

The Tree of Shame-Deal’s Gap, N.C.

“The coldest winter I ever felt, was a summer in San Fransico.”-Samuel Clemens


A horse with no name–actually I named mine “Buttercup”

Smoky Mountains in Tennesse.


Happiness is a warm Black Powder .44–Stinky sleeps with his new girl friend. Nothing like traveling around the US heavily armed.

Wall’s Drug store in middle of nowhere South Dakota. We met Taiwanese, Rumanian and Polish girls working here on a summer work exchange/ slave labor program.
I bought a nice USMC K-Bar here to add to my arsenal.

More pics later…

Good lord! Is it really necessary to carry a cannon around the US? That’s, it, the US is on my list with England and Iraq of places I never want to go.


Fantastic thread, bubba. Thanks. Like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance without all the BS.

Going back to the first page of the thread, I wasn’t surprised that you lost a member within days from the start of your long adventure. I set off on a cross-country hitchhiking trip at age 19 with a friend and, as with you guys, a minor dispute in the first few days set us off on separate ways, though I continued for two months of adventures up the coast, across, and into New England. That was long ago and without my own wheels, but your adventure brought back good memories for me.

Glad to hear the one wipe out wasn’t serious and you’re all back safely. What a trip! :notworthy:

wicked shots man. I have got to add that to my list of things to do!

You lucky bastards.

Great stuff, Bubba. You did some hard core miles. Sad I could not join, but looking forward even more to my planned four days in the Sierra Nevadas in two weeks time. Hope I can pick your brains and hear some more tales over an ale or two before I go…

A few more pics. Story to follow.


Deal’s Gap Sign.

[/img]Free Image Hosting at []([img]

Fort Dix, New Jersey or Bust! Went to see my cousin before he shipped out to Iraq. The stickers were to shake up the squares–Adolescents- old school hardcore punk band and my old friends from Fullerton,Ca.


A very cold July afternoon on Pacific Coast Highway south of Monterey, California


Bubba at the Salt Flats, right after this sign I got up to 130 MPH + only to find a very friendly and forgiving local deputy waiting for me at the end[/img]