The Foreigners' Cause - Unfair Treatment - Conducting One's Self

Why do forgeiners always hate on each other??? And act above other people. He wasn’t selling drugs or anything just teaching. He eventually did the right thing. Can we be more supportive of each other??? Why not “hey I have a friend that could possibly help you do it legal” instead of being snarky? /Rant


Nobody’s hating on anyone, but one:

We can’t condone illegal things for sure.


Doing illegal things is a poor reflection on all foreigners, whether we like it or not and can cause policy changes against our favour or find ways to make our lives more difficult.

We don’t need another ‘foreigners run away’ style of excuse.


Nah on that I disagree, it has no reflection on any other foreigners. And to those who might think “See, they’re all the same” I could not care less about those racist D…ks.


That’s not what was happening here.

We need to support foreigners in Taiwan who want to go legit and contribute to society .

This guy has done that.

Foreigners are held back hugely in Taiwan with an opaque legal system , difficult local language to learn , lack of guanxi, lack of immigrant community , lack of financial support and funds. Any foreigner that does well in Taiwan gets my respect because it is not easy.

And if somebody I don’t know commits a crime it’s nothing to do with me.


Many of those racist and/or ignorant dicks are still in government and also are in various parts of society, including, but not limited to company management and news media. I’m not saying I agree with them, but it happens. It happens every time TVBS shits on foreigners because they threw a banana peel into the woods. It happens when a foreigner bails on their phone contract. This is often the result of intuitive thinking and isn’t considered immoral by most people here. You know we get lumped together when shit heads south.


I see your point. However although it was wrong he put it right. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”
He wasn’t dealing drugs to kids or something…


That might all be true, but in the grand theme of things, it’s all kind of a level playing field. There might be disadvantages in Taiwan, but then there are lots of advantages here too. If it would be easy, there would be more competition, making it more difficult to survive for another reason. Everyone faces obstacles, that’s just life, and that’s also what can make life rather exciting. The feeling of overcoming obstacles is the best. People who get my respect are those who don’t complain and accept the challenges ahead, figure things out, make the best of the situation, stay positive, try to do it the right way.



Well… I was replying to @deepshelter as to why people might feel that way when other foreigners do something illegal.

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Not sure I agree with this blanket stereotype. In Taiwan, I see the ignorance at the SME level—far more than at the government level. Government isn’t perfect by any means, but it is more progressive than the taike. Gay marriage as a perfect example (pushed by gov/legislative branch, resisted by DPP and KMT cultural conservatives., and significant chunks of the population.

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Gay Taiwanese are constituents.

We’re not.

They have the right and means to resist.

We don’t.


I don’t think Taiwanese are gay, that’s a bit harsh.
Will I get a suspension now lol

Recent events in Miaoli might not be support this assertion.

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Sure, we do. Naturalisation, the judicial system, etc. While opening a buxiban has inherent risks and offending a local competitor can mean facing a legal system that prefers locals, is this so different from other locales? Procurement in the Americas? Protectionist occupational bodies that promote their own members? Lots of buy local or choose local preferences in Anglo countries.

I think you are being too hard on Taiwan’s government. Low taxes, an adequate health system, etc. —they are ok.

Media, banks etc. are all about stirring up trouble (or being inherently conservative) and can be nativist. Foreigners get exotic coverage (which entertains me :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:). Would you rather they ignore foreigners? Provide you with equal treatment to locals? That also means equal wages, loads of competition etc. We get special treatment in Taiwan as foreigners but then complain that other parts of the system are prejudiced. To me, if full equality as a foreigner is the goal, one should rethink their long term residency plans. Part of being an expat is being an outsider.

It happens every time someone does something wrong. It’s always a slight push of the needle. Visible good things push the needle towards us. Visible bad things push the needle away. This is how it works in Taiwan.

I agree.

I agree. It’s good to right it better late than never. But damage is already done.

Best is to not do illegal things and give excuses to add restrictions or discrimination.

As someone who has met you personally, your respect is important to me.

But it doesn’t change the fact that negative actions hurt our standing and hurt our image in the eyes of the people here.

It’s like belly fat. One cake is not going to balloon you and one hour of exercise is not going to slim you down. But losing and gaining weight is a consistent action.

There are people online right now, Radical Asian supremacists and wumaos in particular, of whom number in the tens of thousands who go out of their way to loudly publicise and blame any perceived misgivings on foreigners to stoke unneeded, unfair and unnecessary racist fear into locals about those scary drunk foreigners from western countries.

So I hope we can at least, when presented with the option to do something illegal, to not go that route while we silently convince the government to grant us a clear path to dual citizenship and better protections.

All it takes is one political party to decide we’re not worth the trouble and it won’t matter what we think.


Good to hear that everything has worked out for you

Have you naturalised?

You’re contradicting yourself.

It’s correct because you might find someone else doing it? o_O

Xi Jinping and the Communist Party murder people for their beliefs. Does that mean I get to do that?

Made in ___ doesn’t discriminate made by whom or if they are locals or foreigners.



Been there. Doing that. Yes.


Maybe it’s just you.

Based on your logic above, since other democracies have full and clear anti-discrimination rules, enforce them and give full paths towards full rights. Then Taiwan should have them.

Who said I’m an expat?

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Ok, so English teachers should be paid equally to locals? That would mean lower salaries in numerous areas and professions would it not?

On buy local – sure it discriminates. Solidifies the power structures in one sheriff or two sheriff towns. A previous poster complained about Miaoli and its government. Are backwaters, whether in procurement or other areas, around the world really all that different?

Who said I am an English Teacher?

Or salaries can be paid based on merit and not skin colour.

If you’re Black, Hispanic or Asian, even from western countries, this ‘benefit’ doesn’t apply to you.

If you don’t like or want to teach English, this ‘benefit’ doesn’t apply to you.

If you’re not from an English country. This ‘benefit’ doesn’t apply to you.

You’re gonna have to do better than the hypothetical ‘sheriff town’…whatever that means.

This isn’t just about you. Stop personalising it. We are discussing wider implications here. If national treatment was fully applied, a lot of professions in Taiwan that rely on foreign talent would not be able to provide adequate salaries because of the national average given to locals. In other words, being local often means getting paid poorly and having to put up with a lot of BS such as long hours for face, etc.

My comments on sheriff towns questions the criticism of local governments such as Miaoli. Not really all that fair. Globally, is there not an expectation that in practice often national governments have greater resources etc. and that the more local you go, the more uneven application of bylaws, etc.? They are often much more poorly resourced.

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