The Foreigners' Cause - Unfair Treatment - Conducting One's Self

You want my hypothesis? :laughing: :laughing:

Although a dual national (UK-Canada), I will give you Canada-centric perspectives (not picking on Canada but as a Canadian, giving my perspectives):

  • The economy during the Chretien years was pretty sharty. A lot of the lumpenproletariat Canuckistaners with a BA in Art History (economic migrants by necessity) that entertained us back in the early 2000s returned when the economy improved.

  • When marijuana was legalised, the addicted returned to the land of the bong and so did their antics. :laughing: :laughing:

  • A lot people in their wild 20s in the early 2000s grew up and are now middle aged. As someone who is now in my mid 40s (but a right wing bohemian who has lived in five cities and four countries globally since leaving Taiwan), I am amazed at how boring so many people get once they settle down. I find myself getting more irresponsible and childish as I age and hope that remains. In short, a large demographic matured lol. The clowns retired to the trailer park of suburban bliss.

To me such trends explain the much lower number of sensationalist stories.


Ok let’s not go there
Phat people have rights too :love_you_gesture:
But you are right and I always forgive myself that milkshake

But seriously foreigners do get a lot of attention on the Rock
Good bad or ugly

And Taiwanese tend to lump ya’all together

Truth hurts, @ChewDawg.

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Financially and Economically.

As I age I still act like a kid. No interest in the boring suburban life here. I still can’t see the draw in a house with a yard in a boring suburb doing boring suburbian things. But hey each to their own.


I’ll add to that because that that’s was during my early years and, for some reason, I knew a lot of Canadians. Probably because the place was lousy with them then and I ended up dating one for awhile. A lot of them, like really a lot, didn’t have degrees and were teaching illegally, doing visa runs or signing on with visa-mill Chinese schools. Then around the mid 2000s the government got stricter about working illegally and raided a lot of schools whether the bosses were bribing the police or not. After that, there was a big Canadian exodus. Several that I knew were deported. That was about the time that cram school jobs dried up a bit, and I think the lower number of teachers kept salaries steady. That was my theory.

Also, did you know there was a Canadian TV show about teachers in Taiwan? A kind of pseudo-reality show before TV was lousy with them. I was told that attracted a lot more Canadians here. The club scenes in particular were mentioned. I visited someone in a dorm just after a production crew had been filming someone there.


Yet you did get a fair mortgage. Took a bit of effort but you got it. IF someone takes a job at NT$300 an hour that’s on them. I know people from Philippines being paid NT$800 to NT$1000 an hour and more for teaching English.

Many non Caucasian English teachers in Taiwan being paid the same or more than others.

Man, that was three years ago.

Need to update the not so woe is me narrative hahahahaha

Life wasn’t meant to be easy.

It took way too long and way too many Waiguoren Buxing AAAAA.

And I’m still salty that my foreignness was a huge contributor to me losing the house I actually want and still want.


Yup I had my battles on my ARC to get a bank loan in the 1990’s. Was told many times cannot be done and when I asked why, well we never loaned to a foreigner before lol. Or that foreigners can’t own property. Same with Audi when I wanted a car loan. Been there done that. My Audi was in for a service, I liked the new 1996 A4 with full options they just got the day before on the showroom floor. Sales lass telling me its too expensive for me to buy,

I get the service manager to introduce me to the sales manager who did not know I was an existing customer. They had a special deal going, 400K down payment and NT$33, 300 a month for 18 months loan. I was told no loan for foreigners. At that time banks are open on a Saturday. Anyways told no loan for foreigners. So I almost shouted so all the others in the showroom could hear, I am an existing customer and you won’t give me a car loan because I am a foreigner. Right, if you dont get that loan approved I am going to the bank, withdrawing the money in cash. Oh the manager says so you can pay full in cash. Yes I reply but I will be going to the BMW dealer next door and buying a 325 if you dont get me that loan. You have until my car service is done.

Sales manager scrambles to get on the phone calls to the finance company. I own a business, own property, can pay in cash if I want to. Finally that loan is approved. Then sales manager says your new car will arrive in 6 - 7 weeks after being shipped from Germany. No I reply. I am taking that showroom car. Today is Saturday, you can do the paperwork on Monday I pick up the car on Tuesday. Manager says but then we won’t have a sales room car. I reply that’s your problem you should have bought more than one. Cause BMW I can get by Tuesday.

I get my car on the Tuesday. So then my German buddy working for TUV he likes my Audi. He can approve that same level price for a German car for his managers. We go to the Audi dealer a week after I buy my car, the sales girl who told me the car was too expensive she is so exited to see me back with a friend. I told her to go away would buy through the sales manager. Later on sales manager told me that young woman was in tears. She lost the sales commission for 3 cars. TUV Pays cash for their cars. That’s what you get when you see poor white trash looking dude and when asked what was the price of the car the answer was it’s too expensive for you lol.

Anyway with lots of time wasted and effort finally got what I wanted.
That’s life.