The Forumosans Quiz -- won by Omniloquacious!

The answers are all posters’ online names.

(EDIT: the winners were [color=gold]Omniloquacious[/color], [color=silver]Chris [/color]and [color=darkgoldenrod]ImaniOU[/color]! )

  1. bringer of rhubarb
  2. czmfdqlntrd
  3. These two don’t get along in the Sundarbans mangrove swamps
  4. worker of nephrite
  5. Any mad recap
  6. Now on the marge of Rubicon, he saw,
    In face most sorrowful and ghostly guise,
    His trembling country’s image
  7. sodvpdwurq according to Caesar
  8. hirsute hominid
  9. cult 1988 film
  10. This one “can hang huge gnu”
  11. xi2huo3 tong2zhi4
  12. pu3li4
  13. Teutonic scamp
  14. This poster cracked long ago
  15. gonxhabojaxhiu
  16. ssobpat
  17. toxic to livestock
  18. grotepluizigejongen
  19. 0 VAC input at any phase
  20. java horn
  22. Mighty Maiar
  23. zap-by-zap
  24. Early Kurosawa
  25. ballymaloe
  26. Outward curve in leech of fore-and-aft sail
  27. espectro
  28. quickening
  29. a Chinese facial shape
  30. Lapointe hit
  31. butterball
  32. open sphere
  33. slightly above sea level and holding
  34. petite grenouille sans yeux
  35. near a fridge
  36. ten and seven hens
  37. pride of Mississippi and Louisiana
  38. Herr Chancellor
  39. dod
  40. middle name Hilda
  41. Lynn is one
  42. Jay Buri from Audhumla
  43. n-igruglaeMnoe
  44. not a follower
  45. childhood toy
  46. saline sweet
  47. O nehs yccrw

Note: your score is the number you get right, times two.

WARNING! If you don’t want to see the answers others post (and want to work on it by yourself), stop reading here!!!

This quiz was inspired by Toe Save. :rainbow:

  1. Dablindfrog

I win! I win!!!

correct! :slight_smile:

  1. hirsute hominid


  1. had better not be me, you cheeky monkey.

correct! :slight_smile: See, not that hard!

or funny…

buttercup, I think you’re this one:

  1. toxic to livestock

correct! :slight_smile:

Nope. :angel:

So all the answers are Buttercup?


Nope. There’s no guarantee of lack of repetition, though.

Butterball=turkey dinner?

Correct. :slight_smile:

I think we might need another hint here.

Would that be Dragonbones?

Wait, never mind. That’s the eyes.



I think we might need another hint here.[/quote]

A hint? So early? Go get plastered with Spanish rum and have another try.

Would that be Dragonbones?


Wait, never mind. That’s the eyes.

Nice try.




Nope. The clues are for the most part very precise. When you get them you’ll probably know it, so random guessing is unlikely to work. All are names of well known, active posters.

I’ve used a variety of methods for creating the clues.

Middle name Hilda: Ironlady (Margaret Hilda Thatcher)

  1. Cranky Laowai (I learned sign language in university)
  2. Tetsuo?
  3. Rascal
  4. Roach

30 isn’t Braxton Hicks is it?