The (French) peasants are revolting


Triggering the climate apocalypse? :sunglasses:



She doesn’t speak for the yellow shirts either. Dirty pol.


Oh, my. Personal attack,

If I cared, I’d whine to the mods. But only weenies do that.

I think we have just passed peak climate hysteria.


I said she is a dirty politician :joy:


Interesting to see the news not blast French police for using chemical weapons and committing war crimes like they did for US border use of tear gas.


I haven’t seen any opinion pieces or news accusing the us of commiting war crimes or deploying chemical weapons at the us/Mexico border.

Where did you read this ?


When the pic of the woman running away from a smoke bomb (30 meters away from her, and running right in front of a Reuters photographer while carrying the only two young girls within sight) hit the media, there was a shitstorm regarding the fact the the evil dictator SDRUMPF ordered the military to use tear gas on kids.

Google is your friend.


Is this true? I was under the impression that the military was only in a supportive role at the border.

The CWC doesn’t outlaw tear gas, so Brian is wrong(whoever that is). Also, war crimes doesn’t cover law enforcement actions.

You cannot blow out of proportion some idiot with a twitter account. It seems like Brians opinions are/were a minority opinion(and misguided as well)


He’s a Us senator.


So, okay.

But, he still seems to be in the (small)minority as I haven’t seen anything like this prior to now.

Also, would be kind of weird if informed people were making this accusations as, well, the CWC clearly doesn’t outlaw tear gas.


It just means you missed the daily CNN articles of those days, explaining how the same exact thing happening during the #44 administration wasn’t the same because orange man bad.



CNN equals the news now? You probably should broaden your news consumption a bit, CNN is not the news


You entered the thread to say that you’ve never heard of the complaints against Trump regarding the smoke bombs at the Mexico border. I gave you proof of that and you can look for the rest of it on any source of your liking. We’re going offtopic.


So, no I did not. I haven’t said anything about Trump.

Andrew said the the news(which I would interpret as more than just CNN, but more like the mainstream news industry in general) has accused the US(which is not the same as Trump, I hope) of deploying chemical weapons, and committing war crimes.

I do read a fair amount of news, and I never read anything like this so I was curious where he is getting this from.


Oh, in that case yes: not 100% of the world media accused Trump and the Us of deploying chemical weapons and using excessive violence against the caravan of peace. Great point.




CNN is what it is, but it calls itself news. News is just a word these days.

This is an apple… for certain definitions of apple.

Anyway, the tear gas thingie didn’t get traction so everyone’s moving on. It seems like these faux outrages are losing their effectiveness gradually. Audience desensitization, most likely.


Its everywhere. Perhaps google?


Since we were talking about videos that don’t put the government under a good light…ouch.