The Friendly Atheist on goddess Matsu's endorsement of Terry Gou

But come on, why would he lie about a thing like that?

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It’s seriously like the Game of Thrones up in here… The red winter is coming, along with the Red Walkers. Instead of forming an united front and prepare for what’s coming, instead we have a bunch of infighters trying to one up one another with their relationship to the gods…


Probably Cthulhu


Well If the sea goddess said so. Must be so. He has my vote. I don’t want to anger the sea goddess.

He pretty much has to do what She says, She knows where all the bodies got ditched off of Chin Shan…

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Personally, I couldn’t care less. I never take boats anywhere.

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Sex Goddess? Oh sorry where’s me glasses

Sex goddess ? Wait I said that already.

Why do you think we haven’t had a tsunami. The sea goddess protects. Those barbarians in the islands up north worship their false sun god. That’s why they were punished.

Remember, he’s waiting to hear from Guan Gong.

Maybe somebody should buy a billboard near his office, and put up a picture of Guan Gong with a word balloon saying “Yes, you should definitely run, but as a member of the New Power Party.”

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This is why I bought a hilltop apartment in Danshui.

There is a Goddess of Bed you know…

There totally is! When my wife was having nightmares, she raised the possibility that maybe we should be worshiping the goddess of the bed. And I’m thinking “Huh, so there’s a goddess of the bed.” And who gets offended by certain activities done on the bed…

A sobering but accurate metaphor.

Stealing the covers?

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Eating crackers


This is pretty hilarious!


Please allow people like this to have total control over nuclear power, economics, environment, negotiations with totally sane Chinese leaders and our countrys future. Oh pretty please

Its like reality really is a magic eight ball.

Just saw this today and laughed my ass off.