The future as per the movies

Most sci-fi is set after 2000. Our time is Blade runner.


I love that picture of the two girls sitting at a table with their faces glued to their cellphones, not talking to each other. Hard to believe that was drawn nearly 100 years ago.

One film notably missing from that list is Idiocracy, which got a lot of things absolutely spot-on (and we haven’t even had to wait 500 years for it to happen).



Idiocracy got buried at the time because its predictions were politically incorrect.

Even more so today, surely? Witness the discussion about retards in the other thread.

And then they have a Soviet sci-fi gallery with, among others, these:

(Again, the precise form of the future technology is off, but the economic idea is completely accurate.)

Is that an ROC flag? :astonished:


Yes, I did read the article :slight_smile:

But yeah, lots of things they got right. Aren’t Uber doing helicopter rides now?

If anyone’s interested in the opposite example (100% off-base about social development but quite prescient in a few technological aspects) have a look at some old Dan Dare strips.

If Facebook is Skynet, what is Forumosa?

We’re the resistance, dammit, and @GooseEgg is John Connor :slight_smile:


Ford’s in his Flivver, all’s well with the world.