The Future of Elementary Students

I have a theory that not only are there going to be fewer elementary students studying English in the near future of Taiwan; I also think the quality of those students is going to be worse. The reason for this is that more parents will be having only one child. If the economy gets better, the parents will have more money to spend on this kid. The kid will have nicer clothes, better food, and a better quality of life all around. And, if the parents have disposable income, the kid will be able to get whatever toy he wants and the latest versions of video game systems on demand. This will result in a generation of spoiled brats. They will come to class and be trouble to discipline and teach because their parents dote on them and they don’t have any older syblings to compete with or get picked on by. They will arrive in the classroom with the attitude that they are little emperors and entitled to whatever they want because they have always gotten it :2cents: . I hope I am wrong, but does anybody else see this in the future of teaching elementary children :ponder: ?

Ask somebody in China. They’re way ahead on this.

The future? This is how it already is.

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I agree.

I am so glad I don’t work in the buxiban system. Actually, when I have asked my students how many people are in their families, plenty have told me they have three or even more siblings. Then again, this is the Alabama of Taiwan.

I can’t actually imagine the English getting worse where I am. For me, the only way is up. :slight_smile:

Most of my students have siblings. An average of one child per family doesn’t equate with average family has one child.

You either choose to breed or don’t. Those who do usually have two and some have three.

Mark my words: in about five years, every single elementary student alive today will have moved on to other things.

That’s too amusing for you to have made up. Who’s standing over your shoulder? :slight_smile:

This is my Buxiban exactly, filled with a bunch of retard’s retards. The kids are making me hate the breading Taiwanese one class at a time! I think i need to get a job in the poorest town in Taiwan. A place where English class is viewed as an expensive educational necessity, not a daycare activity!

Over the last 20 years, the quality of writing of the average college student has deteriorated noticeably. Recently I had a student complain to the boss (waah! waah!) because I had him sit down and add punctuation to his punctuation-free essay before I would agree to translate it.

One symptom of a decline that has long been taking place.

You know the old joke though: for some kids, grade three was the hardest five years of their lives.

That’s too amusing for you to have made up. Who’s standing over your shoulder? :slight_smile:[/quote]

My Bobby McGee comes in a Scottish bottle.

I agree.[/quote]
So we’re at the bottom of the pendulum swing here? So you mean things can only go upwards? Some kids that I see today are very nice and still want to learn English. I think things can still go downwards a little :frowning: .