The Great Amnesty


The key word is healthy, and I’ve already posted that it usually only takes out immunocompromised children.

Perhaps part of my ego depends upon the weakened immune system theory, as I’ve been banging on about it on here for years, and this is preventing me from accepting other possibilities. However, I remain convinced that this is the reason just as I remain convinced it was with the unprecedented liver disease deaths. I also predict a lot more nastiness of this sort to come as a result of social distancing. I also predict governments will continue to try to pretend it’s something else.

Regarding Strep - no idea if this is legit:

Regarding an amnesty, there are still inane policies taking place. In the US a child cannot have a kidney transplant at her local hospital because she is not jabbed.

A “when they said to me” to use mRNA technology for the jabs. Is there a “I was only following orders” moment coming soon?

A thread from an Ex-Big Pharma Exec:

  1. New thread on why I think the SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE FAN starting in Q1 2023. I’m also going to drop some NAMES here.
    I’m going to need to word this thread carefully to avoid lawsuits!
    These are just personal opinions amongst me and my pharma industry colleagues.
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Nice thoughts, but there are way too many people involved and the side effects can be written off as something else. I have a student who is 15. She has had COVID, and recently, got a 4th shot. In 10 - 15 years when she wants to have kids, if she is fucked up because of the shots, she will have no recourse. Those are the people I’m most concerned with. Kids are still being told that another shot will protect them from severe symptoms.

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The sarcasm in this John Campbell video cracked me up. :laughing:


This is the World Health Organization. Now, of course, we have to go by the World Health Organization guidelines on this channel, which we are doing. I mean, we wouldn’t want to encourage a free-thinking dialectic or anything like that.


I wonder why we didn’t do this in the west. […] It’s not complicated. It’s a tried and tested process. That’s the approach the Chinese have taken. I don’t know why we didn’t do that in this country. Let me… I wonder why that could have been. Anyway, we didn’t do that. We went for a novel, patentable technology instead. So, curious, but there you go.


I believe some people are very keen to sell mRNA vaccines to the Chinese. Erm [shrugs], I’m not sure why. Maybe they’d make some money out of it.

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The hoops people regularly have to go through on Youtube etc. to avoid mentioning certain concepts even just when discussing related issues is ridiculous.

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Yeah, I know, I just don’t get how he managed to keep a straight face while saying that. It made me laugh.

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It’s been really interesting watching Campbell’s intellectual journey since 2020. I think he initially bought into The Narrative and was later redpilled, but it’s hard to tell exactly when that happened. He’s successfully tiptoed around YouTube’s ever-changing and never-entirely-clear criteria for being banned, but every so often he drops in a bit of British deadpan humour that seems to evade the (American?) censors while making it quite clear he knows that the game is afoot, and that he’s only pretending to play by the rules.


I think that when they were pushing for the kids to be jabbed, he started questioning things more. He talked a lot about how medicine should of course be individualized and based on the risk/benefit to that person. But that wasn’t happening.

The message was that everyone, regardless of age/health should get it.


Yeah, that was definitely a turning-point for him (and for a lot of other people, I’m sure). It was so blatantly obvious that little kids don’t need it that anyone with a bit of common sense would be like “what? why?”.


If heads roll, some of them won’t be from a certain class:


This probably belongs here. I doubt you’ll want to read the whole rambling exchange between Scott Adams and Mathew Crawford - the interesting bit is Adams’s not-really-an-apology for being wrong.

AFAIK Adams doesn’t have much to apologise for. I don’t recall him ever gloating over the deaths of anti-vaxers, or calling for their imprisonment or immiseration. But he was definitely of the view that anti-vaxers were idiots, and he hasn’t really given up on the idea. Three things stand out here:

  1. He still uses the term ‘anti-vaxers’ in the manner of an insult. But if (as he admits) they were right and he was wrong, it’s not an insult anymore. We were ‘anti’ bullshit, government overreach, social and economic disintegration, and superstition, not vaccines as such. Which, as he now concedes, was the correct stance to take.

  2. He seems to think we’re all gloating over this. We’re not. What do we have to gloat over? It’s a Pyrrhic victory at best; we’re in basically the same position the Vietnamese plebs were in when the last American helicopter meandered out of Saigon, surveying a burned-out wasteland and wondering what the fuck we do now. Basically, we’re just really upset that it took everyone else this long to figure out what’s going on. We’re not mad at you, just disappointed. Come on, Adams. You’re not an idiot. You have at least a modicum of academic background in science, and (as Crawford points out) you even know something about hypnotism. WTF were you thinking?

  3. He thinks the ‘anti-vaxers’ being right boiled down to a coinflip. I’ve heard that one before. No, Adams. It was not just dumb luck. As per the meme that @KHHVille posted, we just asked ourselves some pertinent questions, spent a bit more time and effort looking at the data and the research, applied a bit of brainpower and whatever academic knowledge we had at our disposal, and came to the right conclusions.

I’ve always had a fair amount of respect for Scott Adams, although he strikes me as slightly mad. He appears to be an honest person, and it’s quite weird watching an honest person admit that he was duped into spreading lies.


More backtracking from the MSM and the “scientific community”. This one is better than most, but I think it’s telling that Newsweek decided to publish an article by a PhD student rather than write their own apology.


The MSM now have a fairly regular stream of “admitting they were wrong” articles.
Covid vaccine, mask usefulness, lock downs/ lock ups, vax passes and so on, have all been thoroughly discredited.

I recall some guy claiming 100 million Chinese would die over the next month or some such nonsense.

Can we get an amnesty on the stream of bs?

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