The Great Reset

As long as they don’t also ban personal cockroach, worm and grasshopper farming, we’ll be ok.

This Chinese cockroach farm houses a billion roaches contained by a moat with hungry fish | ABC News


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Ya, I can’t imagine unscrupulous fucking cockroach “farmers” producing “food” products. I mean, c’mon gutter oil never harmed anyone. I don’t expect actual sewer roaches to make it to the market, right?


I’ve seen that image on the flob already

and @jdsmith shared a link to a news story 5 days ago in this very thread

Breaking news: Rich guys at conferences like hookers

Personally, I don’t have a problem with farming insects as animal feed. Black soldier fly larvae are commonly used to feed chickens - which is fine, because they ordinarily eat such things, and BSF larvae are quite “clean” (even if icky). They don’t carry diseases and thrive mostly on mushy vegetation, as opposed to carrion and shit (houseflies, cockroaches). The chickens then turn the larvae into delicious chicken (or eggs), which I don’t mind eating.

@flatlandr: when they’ve shut down all the farms and the CBDCs kick in, there will undoubtedly be a thriving black market in sewer roaches to supply that segment of the market who have been denied their government ration.


A good interview with Patrick M Wood, who has been writing about these technocrats for over 40 years.

Will this take off?

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… aaaand there we go. What a surprise. Anyone remember when there was a big scandal in China a few years back with people selling fake eggs? Apparently it’s totally OK if Western corporations do it.

I suppose the question now is: did they deliberately engineer the slaughter of millions of chickens in order to sell their crappy fake food, or did they simply recognise an opportunity and milk it for all it was worth?

Yes, I remember they had toxic ingredients, and they were sold as real eggs in order to fool people into buying something that wasn’t really food

Not the same thing though, is it?

Probably the latter, since their fake eggs seem to be real food. Businesses are in the business of making money, the former would be expensive and dangerous.

So … basically same thing then. It’s in the same tradition as HFCS, seed oils, oat “milk”, and all the other shit that seems to be making people fat and ill. It’s just killing them slowly rather than quickly.

IMO it’s worse, because nobody is going to say “this is wrong” and stop them doing it. Western businesses are much, much better at skirting around the grey edges of the law.

Certainly they are. And I don’t exactly have a problem with that. The question is: what else are they in the business of?

They appear to have got away with it with the COVID scam. Several trillion $ in profits, spread among those in the circle of trust, and nobody’s gone to jail yet. Arranging to have a few chicken farmers put out of business should be pretty simple when they’ve already had a trial run on small business owners.

If you think chick peas and paraffin wax are the same

Pigs in a blanket, no blanket!

Are the choices here feeding people, or world domination?

The food company?

I was extremely clear about that. I didn’t reference paraffin wax. I compared it to synthetic sugars, carbohydrates, and oils which are toxic on a long term basis. And AFAIK paraffin wax is more-or-less non-toxic.

See? People are just going to make excuses for them. They may well claim that their product is better than the real thing, on the basis that it doesn’t claim “cholesterol” and other made-up nonsense.

Are you serious? The food companies already dominate the world. There are about five transnational corporations (two of them private entities, IIRC) that hold entire countries by the goolies. They can pretty much do anything they like as long as they comply with some laws that they themselves “helped” to write, and it’s been like that for quite a while. Surely you’ve heard of United Fruit? They might not be starting wars these days, but the food companies are no less ruthless in their pursuit of profit.

“They” in the general sense.

In this particular instance something really sus happened with “bird flu”. It was reaaaaally similar to the way COVID played out (they even used PCR tests to make it happen). It would have been quite possible to kneecap the chicken industry deliberately, and nobody would ever be able to prove it in court.

Have you ever looked at the UK COVID data for April? The death spike in the elderly really can’t be explained by COVID. I didn’t want to believe the Midazolam story when it was first mooted, but the more I look at that spike the more I wonder what the hell happened there. Something similarly inexplicable happened with bird flu, and because there’s no hard data one way or the other, the authorities have plausible deniability.

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Sorry, I didn’t want to get into a covid conversation with you.

Sigh. The point was that if something works well, you’re going to do it again, aren’t you?

I’m actually pretty impressed with the way they’ve refined psychological manipulation techniques to the Nth degree. It’s a true art form these days.

The metropolis of Norfolk, next on the list:

The concept appears to be a bit different to the Oxford proposal. It seems to be basically what used to be known as “urban planning”, although in this case the council seem to think they can (e.g.) make businesses open in places where they’re not necessarily going to be profitable.

Of course it’s entirely possible that once the 20-minute neighbourhood is all fixed up, you won’t be allowed to leave it without scanning the microchip in your hand.

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Norfolk enchants

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That could be their slogan :slight_smile: The idea has some theoretical merit.

In practice, we know there’d eventually be sentries on all access points. They simply can’t help themselves.

As I once read somewhere, inside every utopia is a dystopia striving to get out.

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“From Beijing to Jerusalem to Hyderabad, India, The Associated Press has found that authorities used COVID-19 technologies and data to halt travel for activists and ordinary people, and link people’s health information to other surveillance and law enforcement tools.”


I thought it wasn’t supposed to exist:

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