The Great Reset

“Project Detroit”? Seriously? Is the ultimate intention for London to end up as a ghost city occupied mostly by drug addicts and criminals?

When I read the title I thought it meant that he’d put up seed capital in the expectation of selling the project to TfL at some point and reaping a reward. Silly me, he’s spending other people’s money.

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Interview with Sandi Adams to discuss how the UN agendas are affecting farmers globally and the protests around the EU.

Welsh farmer talks about the agenda:

Mmmm lovely. One of the most unhealthy and environmentally-harmful crops on the planet is now even more so.

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Not just the USA:

War, as always, allows the corporates to implement a reset that suits them, not us:

No surprise:

Supermarket chain in the UK wants to produce food under cover:

Manifest Destiny.

Erik Prince, the founder of Blackwater - the largest private military in the world - talking about how the US should directly colonize countries that “can’t govern themselves”, including “the whole of Africa”


“Lysenko believed the Soviet Union could grow crops using proletariat will as a fertiliser. UK technocrats believe they can feed a country sustainably whilst reducing food production and drastically increasing the population via mass immigration.”

Polish farmers have had enough now:


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