The Great Run On Toilet Paper 2018 & 2020 & 2021 & 2022!?

If you’ve been wondering why people are loading up trolleys with toilet paper, supermarket shelves are bare and Costco have introduced restrictions, it’s not because of some mass outbreak of gastroenteritis! It’s due to manufacturers announcing significant % price rises from next month, government is looking after it for you though…


if only there was some sort of alternative to paper

Only 2 nuits per person! Is that the measure word for packs of bog roll?!


Don’t they trust the gov’ment to take care of their shit?


Couldn’t resist popping over to Costco this morning, where I joined a shortish line of people waiting on the metal gates to roll up (at 9:25am there was still an impressive line of cars snaking downstairs to park). You can often learn a great deal about people by watching them shop, I’m a sucker for it.

So the gates came up and it was Black Friday all over again. Nobody stood on the escalator. If you didn’t walk at a pretty good clip then you were passed like roadkill. The sound of carts pulled out of their queue was deafening. Many people didn’t even bother with carts and instead sprinted as soon as possible.

Everybody was headed to the toilet paper aisle, me included (with a cart). Rude awakening, though, as Costco saw it coming and had 4-5 men handing out 2 bundles of each brand to any shopper. No one was allowed to grab their own TP, you had to wait for a guy to hand over your 2.

Different today. Yesterday it was first come, first served, no limit. Today it was a queue and a max of 2.


I was already wondering why my wife raided the local POYA shop for toilet paper like there is no tomorrow. :roll_eyes:

A bidet, Japanese toilet seat with bidet, or a spray hose attached to the toilet (SE Asian style).

Water gets your ass so much cleaner than tp.


My wife was at Costco this morning to buy some pallets of shit-tickets and also reported it was like people were hoarding for the Apocalypse. Just carts full of TP everywhere. Then I saw this thread. Well, that explains it.

Pass one, toilet paper. Then the bidet. Coup de grace is a little patdown with yet another piece of toilet paper.

That gets my ass cleaner than either alone.

Huh. Just got back from PX Mart / Quanlian and wondered why there wasn’t much toilet paper.

CRAP. what else can you say is this Nigeria?

It is a little ironic that the cost of travel and time used, with the other superfluous items they will surely buy at Costco, will negate the 5ntd per Roll they are “saving”.
I wonder if there will be a hike in the price of books?


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Toilet Paper = Equivalent of Taiwan bitcoin… enough said!
New trend…start using ghost money as a substitute - cheaper!

Update: Have a few extra packs available…best offer takes them!

2nd Update for all you entrepreneurs…Available from Amazon
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With the runs, definitely don’t want to run out of toilet paper. :astonished:


Didn’t people use to use newspaper? Rubbing the daily headlines into their ass? Try that with your mobile phone, eh!

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I didn’t know there was a new toilet paper app. I’ll have to download it and give it a try.

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If it comes down to it, we’ll have to use old cell phone boxes and instructions

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So why is this happening in Taiwan only? If the global price of the items used to make toilet paper is going up, then shouldn’t this happen in other countries?

Increased demand for User Manuals? Good news for all the Tech Writers.

It’s like half-price Beer. You have to buy twice as much . Before everyone else buys it all.