The Guardian on Taiwan

It’s matter xD

I’m still pissed off about being told my English is dodgy!!!

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i disagree?

you had me at repression :heart:


And they are wrong almost every single time. Never heard any of them say unification is inevitable anyways.

I don’t think they are paid to predict the future. But to give plausible deniability when military actions/sanctions/etc damage a region. Particularly when it comes to the intelligence firms. There is big money in that line of work. And those guys do make predictions about territorial take-overs.

Even with Korean Fish running in the last election the pan-blues (Han Kuo-yu plus James Soong ) got 78% of the vote in Kinmen; in 2016 it was 81%; in 2012 92%.
Possibly the old man’s opinion is more representative of popular feeling in Kinmen than that of a Taiwan-independence supporter in Taiwan proper.

It used to be left, but then it became progressive. It’s basically all comment now about how horrid white men are.

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At least it’s free.

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I’m very surprised they’ve managed to survive this long without a paywall. Katherine Viner appears to have pulled off living off handouts from readers, but I don’t think that will continue.

They’re getting increasingly naggy about paying some cash to them.

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Every time I read one of their articles they remind me about how many times I have read for free.

They have a very loyal readership, but I can’t see their “price of a coffee” business model lasting much longer. It’s the sort of business model the terribly nice people at Grauniad towers would love, but it’s pie in the sky.

I actually don’t know what I’d read if I didn’t read the G. It’s a helluva lot better than the rubbish coming out of Kiwiland.