The Impeachment Inquiry and other DOJ Investigations of Filthy Joe Biden Thread

After this quote I felt he just deserved his own space:

“The woman suing Hunter Biden for paternity was a stripper at a Washington, DC, club he frequented around the time he was dating his brother’s widow, sources told The Post.”



Here’s a nice little threadwarming meme. :grin:


I don’t knock that he was messing around with a stripper, that’s his business and far from the only guy who does that. But it’s pretty shady it’s during him dating his brothers widow which in itself is already shady.

Could you imagine if Don Jr or Eric Trump were crack heads who got kicked out of the Navy, got a ton of shady money in Ukraine and China with no experience, and knocked up strippers?

We’d never hear the end of it.


Uh no… It going to be

So I’mma



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It. Just. Writes. Itself.

"That same night, a worker had to be sent out to purchase a dildo so the gals could use it on Hunter, sources said.

It’s unclear if the club didn’t have a similar device on hand or if he insisted on a brand-new one fresh out of the package."

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To be fair, he probably just snorted coke off of it.


Reads response…


Such a challenge…to report the news of the VP’s nepotism and corruption.


Charlie Sheen would be jealous.

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Would be jealous? :sunglasses:


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I see Matt Gaetz tried to attack Hunter Biden over substance abuse and parental influence- you know, the guy who used his daddy’s pull as a Florida senator to get him off of a DUI charge.

So? Is that worse than HB getting a sweet gig at a company in a foreign company in an industry he knew nothing about in a country his daddy had deep connects with despite his inability to even speak the language, after getting kicked out of the Navy and being a crack head?

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Came to the thread for crack and free money

Walking out disappointed

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I don’t want to hear any rude comments here about Biden unless you’ve never been high on cocaine while a stripper used a dildo on you in a private club.



That’s a high bar.


How about in a seedy motel room?