The Internet is the Devil Thread

[quote] Two special needs teenage twins have been missing from their Southern California home since Sunday, and their parents fear their daughters met someone on the Internet and could be in danger.

Mary and Morgan Corrodi, 16, were last seen outside their Malibu home getting into a car occupied by two women. Jack Corrodi said his daughters, who have IQs of 70 and attend special education classes at Malibu High School, recently spent “many hours” on the Internet and received multiple calls from unknown persons.

“[A neighbor] saw the girls standing there, just kind of hanging around like they were waiting for somebody, and a few minutes later, a small car pulled up and the twins got in the back seat,” Corrodi told “And then they drove away and we haven’t heard from them since.”

Corrodi said the girls are “very slow mentally” but appear to be much older than 16. He’s fearful someone they met online may take advantage of their disabilities.

“It’s possible, that’s what I’m afraid of,” he said. “They look, up close, like they’re 22, and mentally, they’re 10 or 11. They’re very slow mentally. They each have dolls and they still play with them and yet their interest is to meet boys.”[/quote]

So, these beautiful teenage girls, with IQs of Forest Gump or less were allowed to chat online for WHAT reason? Seriously, wtf is wrong with their parents?

Those poor, poor kids. I just … those poor kids.

No shit.