The Jordan Peterson Thread



Which is exactly why I don’t care which one of them seemed more “believable.” I care about evidence. There is zero evidence that Kavanaugh did anything. Absolutely zero. Not a single supporting witness. Not a single scrap of physical evidence. Nothing.

You think it makes sense that he would stick his neck out with that claim? This, of course, isn’t any sort of evidence. I didn’t present it as such… but if we are going to allow the “Why would she put herself out there to be attacked?” argument, I think Kavanaugh stuck his neck out way more by claiming he was a virgin. At least that is a claim that COULD be debunked. Ford was so vague in every single one of her claims that it is literally impossible to disprove them. Literally EVERY SINGLE tangible claim she made was discounted by the people she named.

The standards ARE high…and he never broke any of them. There’s no evidence that he lied or committed any crime.



Now about that Canadian psychologist guy…


I’m sure some of you will be interested in this:




I hope Auckland is not relying on “Auckland Peace Action” for peace or anything else. He sounds like that android in I, Mudd