The Kavanaugh Fallout


“Them” was perfectly fine. We also vote among many candidates in a Presidential primary (in most states).


Don’t pull the ole ‘you are not from here you don’t know nothing on me’. …
Logic is our friend. Apology accepted.

I personally think the President has too many powers. That’s dangerous, because he or she is only human.

You know the world almost had a nuclear war in 1962 because of this (Kennedy , Krushcev , the Russian submariner who had his finger on the button)

In the end governments can mostly run themselves and more cool heads are better than one.


Deez Nuts also had a good showing last time around. Hoping he’s on the ballot again.
His stance on foreign affairs is strong but he does have a tendency of shooting off from the top of his head a bit too much.


Which powers that are granted to the executive branch do you have an issue with?


Declaration of war , assassination and foreign affairs powers are the biggie.
War powers resolution .

I’m not American so thats for Americans to decide but I think it’s very risky having too much global power in one persons hands.


While the Cuban missile crisis was about as bad as it gets, the US faces problems like this all the time.

If we Americans hyperventilated every time we had a dire problem, we’d need a paper bag over our heads to get us through each day.


The president can’t declare war, congress does that to check his power. However he does have the loophole of being able to command troops to go somewhere.


He can assassinate people by executive orders , military attacks and all that…It’s semantics isn’t it…Once it all kicks off.

Look into the nuclear crisis 1962. Cool heads prevailed , by a hairs width.


This one is hard. It’s hard to put an exact boundary on this, but I do believe the president who is voted in and advised on imminent threats should have the ability to carry out an kill order to protect his citizens.


Evidence, please?


Wow that clip just convinced me Harris is full of it.



Lets talk about perjury and/or perjuring oneself.

Kavanaugh purjured himself twice during his senate hearing.

Purjury is a felony, if convicted he would be unable to work at McDonalds (“Have you ever been convicted of a felony? yes/no”)

other fun facts:

Boofing is shooting booze up ones anus to get drunk.
-Kavanaugh said it was flatulance.
A devil’s triangle is a MMW sex act.
-Kavanaugh said it was a drinking game.

Strike one, strike two…there are probably others


These two alone are complete hogwash.


hogwash how?

he lied, he knows he lied, everyone who went to HS in the USA knows he lied.


thought he had nothing to hide?

Oops, is that strike three???


Boofing isn’t even a real word, and as such the definition is completely subjective. And as to Devil’s triangle, several people who played it back then, including one who is no fan of Kavanaugh, have testified to the fact that it was indeed a drinking game. The chances of him being charged with perjury over these terms is less than zero.



crap lying is like the new past time for the defenders of Trump and his retardness.

Its almost like MAGA is running so well you don’t even need to try to lie, just get what you want and make shit up as a defense.


You are so wrong on both words.

Also, the context in which they are used in his yearbook further enhances the ridiculousness of the lies.


Good god man get a grip.

Also we’re talking about a time before urban dictionary. Before social media. A lot of schools/places if not connected via a smart phone will develop their own mini-vernacular.

My roommates and I in college named our apartment “The Brotherhood.”

A quick jump to urban dictionary says:

Yeahhhh… Couldn’t be farther from the truth but man if I was running for office guess that’s it for me!


so sad these efforts, but keep trying.

the Brotherhood is a slightly more generic term used by many different congregations of men throughout history.


“have you boofed yet?” - as in the yearbook.

its referring to butt shots, not farting.

“Have you FARTED yet?”

“Hillarious Kavy! that one is going right in the yearbook!!”

gimme a fuckin break… its 2018 leave the whataboutisms at home


y r u so angry